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XP - Tech Question - What's the best Windows-compatible Clone of IPad

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  • Ned Barnett
    Folks, It looks like I m going to be doing some business travel starting right after the new year; and I ve discovered (as I m sure many of you have) that
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      It looks like I'm going to be doing some business travel starting right
      after the new year; and I've discovered (as I'm sure many of you have) that
      airline seats are now so small and crammed-close together that I can't open
      my laptop easily, and if the guy-in-front leans back, it's impossible.

      So .

      It looks like an IPad-like device would make all kinds of sense. If so,
      I'll want it Windows-compatible, I'll want to be able to get a folding
      keyboard (like I used to have for my Palm Pilot in the pre-smartphone days),
      a mouse and . I don't know. Features.

      So .

      What is the best windows-based clone of the IPad? If I'm going to spend
      that kind of money, I want to get the best one, with the most useful
      features (by this I mean I don't need great video game capabilities, because
      I've never played one and don't expect to start), but I'd like one that
      could show a movie, run Windows programs, mimic/clone Kindle, capture and
      "work" enterprise email, present slide shows, etc. These lists,
      collectively, have always been my technology "go-to-guy," so I figure I'd
      ask you for your recommendations .

      BTW - while I'm open to being referred to reviews and such, I'd really
      appreciate personal experience testimonials (about good or bad). Thanks .


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