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RE: [PRMindshare] Community of Practice

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  • Sam Waltz
    www.Kiva360.com is a great resource, per Deon s question. It s smaller than Ning. Instead of the nickel-and-diming, and hundreds & thousands of dollars that
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2010
      www.Kiva360.com is a great resource, per Deon's question. It's smaller than
      Ning. Instead of the nickel-and-diming, and hundreds & thousands of dollars
      that Ning ultimately charges via its al a carte menu, www.Kiva360.com
      charges its admission up front. It's pretty full-featured, and it is
      discounted for non-profits. Reach out to Kevin McCann
      KevinM@... who has developed Kiva360.com from Intellectual
      Property developed at $4 million cost in the Philadelphia Science Center.

      Kiva360.com is a Social Media / Private Network. Unlike Facebook.com where
      your profile is "Universal," in the sense that it's there for everyone you
      connect to like family, friends, co-workers, clients, old drinking buddies,
      school classmates, neighbors, focused Affinity Groups is the principal
      market Kiva360.com serves. (Name Kiva is based on Anasazi Indian culture.
      Anasazi and the early Pueblo peoples inhabited the Mesa Verde area where
      Cliff Dwelling abound. Their sacred, or ceremonial, ritual or community
      room in the Cliff Dwellings was called a Kiva. And 360, as in a circle or
      network, of course is obvious.)

      For a local Financial Services client, we're now developing a program using
      Kiva360.com to create a community of people of wealth who want to
      participate in discussions (e.g., non-US equities, currencies, market
      trends), follow RSS feeds, converge to IRL (In Real Life) gatherings, write
      & read Blogs, etc, etc, all using the www.Kiva360.com profile as the
      building block for Horizontal (e.g., Geography) and Vertical (e.g.,
      Interest) groups. After the initial setup investment, over time, we can
      organize and support this network for about $2/profile/year.



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      Subject: [PRMindshare] Community of Practice

      Is Ning the best for setting up a Community of Practice?

      A Group of delegates from my last Stakeholder Reputation seminar have
      requested me to set up a COP. Should I use Ning or just a yahoogroup?


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