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Re: [prbytes] Re: Would you dare (send a news release on Monday before Election Day)?

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    The sending out day is not the receiving day -- and the latter can t be controlled through snail mail. Further, one never knows when the receipient might
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      The "sending out" day is not the "receiving" day -- and the latter can't be controlled through snail mail. Further, one never knows when the receipient might actually choose to read it -- if at all.

      Stephen Rafe
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      From: "Paul Krupin" <Paul@...>
      I prefer not to send out news releases on Monday period. Same with Friday, Saturday and Sunday, unless it is really newsworthy and time critical. We've been told by media that Monday is a horrible day. I find that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to transmit releases. Media work on a five day work week. Monday is a very busy day with staff meetings and catch up from Friday. By Tuesday, they've cleared their desks and are into focusing on te things that now are before them for the rest of the week. This is the time when competition for their time and attention is minimized and for years we've seen the best attention and response to releases on these days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Media also have time and the ability to channel resources better early in the week, rather than later in the week. By Friday, the opportunity for their attention diminishes rapidly.

      I think that food editors will still be interested in what you have to offer regardless of the Election Day on Tuesday. Specialty editors tend to be less sensitive to what goes on in the front section of the paper, although they might enjoy a news angle that ties in some meaningful and interesting way of course.

      Paul J. Krupin
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