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SOFTWARE: OFFICE: Google Docs Goes Offline

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      Subject: SOFTWARE: OFFICE: Google Docs Goes Offline

      Google Docs Goes Offline

      Google Docs Goes Offline
      Monday, March 31, 2008 12:51 PM PT
      Posted by Edward N. Albro
      PC World

      Google is today clearing one of the last hurdles it faces before truly
      competing with Microsoft Office. Starting this afternoon, some users of Google
      Docs word processing app will be able to edit their documents when they don't
      have an Internet connection.

      Not surprisingly, the functionality will be built on Google Gears, the offline
      synching technology that now powers unconnected use of Google Reader and task
      manager RememberTheMilk.com.

      I haven't been able to test the new functionality yet (I should get hooked up
      in a few hours), but if it works well this is a huge development. Google's word
      processor already has almost everything I need to ditch Microsoft Word
      entirely. Having the ability to work offline will likely make a lot of people --
      and businesses -- wonder why they should pay as much as $680 for Office.


      Google Takes Docs Offline with Gears
      03.31.08 PC Magazine

      Several month after Zoho announced its offline version of Writer, Google has
      cranked its own Gears with Google Docs.

      Using its browser plugin Google Gears, the company says it's rolling out
      offline functionality to its online office applications over then next few
      weeks. Users will be able to tell when their accounts have been upgraded with
      the new capability when an "offline" link appears at the top of the Google Docs

      Though both Docs and Gears are still both beta, the move is a salvo in
      Redmond's direction, taking direct aim at Microsoft's entrenched, proprietary,
      industry-standard Office productivity software suite. Conversely, Google Gears
      is an open-source project that any developer can use to build offline
      capability into web applications.


      The offline capability will be limited to word processing documents, though the
      company plans to add it to spreadsheets and presentations in the future.


      Offline access to Google Docs
      3/31/2008 01:08:00 PM
      Posted by Janani Ravi, Software Engineer The Official Google Blog
      <http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/ offline-access-to-google-docs.html>

      A shorter URL for the above link:


      Of course there was a teeny thing missing: you needed an Internet connection to
      make Google Docs work for you. Now, for documents, that's no longer true. As
      you'll read on the Google Docs blog, starting today and over the coming weeks
      we're rolling out offline editing access to word processing documents to Google
      Docs users. You no longer need an Internet connection when inspiration strikes.
      Whether you're working on an airplane or in a cafe, you can automatically
      access all your docs on your own computer.


      Google Docs adds offline support. Microsoft quakes?
      MG Siegler, Venture Beat03.31.2008 The Industry Standard

      A shorter URL for the above link:


      Interestingly, while you will be able to download Google Spreadsheets and
      Presentations as well, these will be read-only as The Last Podcast points out.
      This renders the new feature no more useful for these two types of documents
      than exporting to an external file (unless, I guess, if you have no access to
      any software that can view them).

      Still, the offline access to word processing is a huge move toward Google
      legitimately challenging Microsofts Office suite. While most people are around
      an Internet connection most of the day, when you go on a trip and need to get
      work done in an area with no connection (such as a plane), offline support will
      alleviate a lot of users fears in leaving old, trusty Microsoft Word.


      Google Docs getting offline access
      By Rafe Needleman March 31, 2008, 12:01 PM PDT Webware

      Offline access for Google's spreadsheet and presentation app will follow after
      the word processor rollout is complete, Norton said, and will be read-only to

      Google Docs will not, at first, let users create new documents while offline.
      The feature's first-use case is, "I'm amending a document and I lose my
      Internet connection," Norton said. Document creation capability will come

      Of course, users will not be able to collaborate in real time when offline, or
      see if other users are simultaneously modifying a document they are editing in
      offline mode. Google Docs will "do its best" to reconcile changes made by
      multiple users when one or more are offline, Norton said. If there are
      conflicting edits, a dialog box will pop up when an offline editor comes back

      Offline access is a necessary feature to make Google's productivity suite a
      competitor to Microsoft Office. However Google Docs' feature set, while
      improving over time, still falls far short of the functionality available in
      the Microsoft suite.


      The complete articles may be read at the URLs provided for each.


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