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FW: [Web Informant] 19 May 2006: Best practices for corporate bloggers

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      FYI - opp for your corporate clients

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      Subject: [Web Informant] 19 May 2006: Best practices for corporate

      Web Informant 19 May 2006: Best practices for corporate bloggers

      I am writing a story for Computerworld.com about best practices for
      corporate blogging. In the spirit of my research, I ask for you to
      send me your comments and your ideas for how to blog and still keep
      your day job. What should corporate IT bloggers be doing and what
      shouldn't they? Should there be specific and explicit blogging
      policies from IT to govern what is posted, what is or isn't reviewed?
      Any horror stories?

      If you would like your comments on the record and attributed, please
      post to CW's blog here:


      If you'd like your comments to be off the record or otherwise subject
      to certain restrictions, send me an email and indicate that in your
      message. Here are a few thoughts to get you all started.

      Read Blogs -- Read both popular blogs, as well as blogs in your
      specific industry. Learn how to find them using a variety of search
      tools besides Google.

      Don't accept blog advice from people that are not bloggers!

      Get more focused in business blogging -- Read business blogging
      books, attend blogging conferences, join blogging user groups, keep
      on blogging yourself.

      Find a champion if your voice is not loud, or a coach to sharpen your

      Hire trustworthy employees who know how to interact with all levels
      of the customer base. Creating blog and podcast content are
      communication jobs, even when they involve technology.

      Be prepared for negativity. Develop a thick skin, be prepared to
      respond to attacks, help to clarify the root issue and corporate
      commitment to resolving issues -- do so quickly and sincerely.

      Don't even think of building the blogging platform yourselves. Use
      open source software like WordPress.org or license Movable Type and
      customize it to your heart's content.

      Whichever software option you choose, set it up so the interface is
      intuitively easy to use for the marketers and executives who will be
      publishing to your company blogs.

      As far as corporate blog design, push hard to get the word "blog"
      incorporated into your basic site navigation on your overall Web
      pages. And be sure to recommend including prominent links on the blog
      to your company's Corporate Blogging Guidelines, to a Comments policy
      for readers visiting the blog and to key pages on your main Web site.
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