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  • Ned Barnett
    ... I ve got a new client who d been pushing me like this - always really interested, but not yet quite ready to pull the trigger. I kind of got tired of the
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      At 04:56 PM 4/27/2006, you wrote:

      >--- In prbytes@yahoogroups.com, Events in the City
      ><hollywoodeastflicks@...> wrote:
      > > I have a potential client who has had my contract for 2 1/2
      >weeks and has not signed. He also has asked to do several phone
      >calls. I get the feeling the client is trying to bleed me for info
      >without paying. What do you think? Should I not go along with the
      >calls? I am afraid if I don't cooperate enough they will not hire

      I've got a new client who'd been pushing me like this - always really
      interested, but not yet quite ready to pull the trigger. I kind of
      got tired of the feeling that he was stringing me along - so I
      started saying (in request for calls, meetings, etc.), "as soon as we
      strike our deal I'll be glad to do ____ (i.e., whatever it is that he
      wants). A bit of persistence in this, and he signed ... yesterday
      ... after showing up (twice) at meetings where he was supposed to
      issue the first check, but "I forgot to bring it"

      > >
      > > Also, how do you get clients to pay ON TIME who are regular
      >clients. I have an small agency client that continues to pay my
      >invoices 45-60 days late. I have tried being pushy with emails and
      >also phone calls. But sometimes there is a thin line between being
      >too pushy and not aggressive enough when it comes to payment
      >invoices. What usually happens is the client will pay my invoice
      >when they have a project on deadline they want me to work on.
      > >
      > > Thanks for your input
      > > Elisa

      That is why I have gone to a pay up front policy. I was really
      white-knuckles about making that change, but it was the best/smartest
      thing I've ever done (it wasn't my idea - Hugh Gigante pushed me and
      pushed me and pushed me to do it, and he was right).

      For ongoing clients, the payment comes first (each month) and then
      comes the work. One very large client who was notorious for "check's
      in the mail" stories, I have set it up where they now Fed-X me the
      check, at my expense (on my account) and each month, I ask them for
      the tracking number on the day the check's due (or the day
      before). I'm not sure what percentage $17 is out of $5,000, but it
      sure has proved to be among the best $17 investments I've made.

      Bottom line - if you don't work until you get paid, you have
      remarkably few collection problems. For those (like this chronically
      late agency) who might object, say "but Bob, you're the reason I put
      this in place - your bookkeeper (always blame somebody else) was so
      chronically late that I spent half my time chasing my past-due
      payments ... time I should have been spending meeting your needs ...
      so this is better for the both of us."

      For new clients, I always say, "by not having any accounts-receivable
      or billing problems I can keep my rates low" and this also seems to
      be persuasive - I'm amazed, but nobody's ever balked at
      pay-in-advance (at least not enough to have cost me clients).

      Hope this helps


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