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An invitation to a Stakeholder Reputation seminar

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  • Deon Binneman
    INVITATION October 27, 2005 Contact: Deon Binneman (011) 475-3515 I would like to invite you to attend our new two day training seminar on Stakeholder
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      October 27, 2005
      Contact: Deon Binneman (011) 475-3515

      I would like to invite you to attend our new two day training seminar on Stakeholder Reputation.


      Johannesburg, South Africa – REPUCOMM will hold a two day seminar at the Park Hyatt Hotel, Rosebank in Johannesburg from the 28th to the 29th November to discuss how stakeholder relationships impact on the creation of organisational reputation.

      What: Stakeholder Reputation - Building Dynamic Collaborative Relationships

      When: Monday 28th to 29th November

      Where: Park Hyatt Hotel, Rosebank, Johannesburg

      Facilitator: Deon Binneman, international speaker and trainer on Reputation risk management

      Who should attend: Government Relations managers, Stakeholder Relations Managers, Communications & Public Relations Managers, Those involved in Corporate Affairs, CSI/CSR & other forms of relationship management building efforts.

      Cost: R4495 excluding VAT. There is an Early Bird discount of 10% available if you register and pay before Wednesday 17 November. Please note that I will pass on a 20 % discount to those individuals who have attended any REPUCOMM course in the past. The workshop will be limited to twenty participants. If you cannot attend, why not send one of your junior staff members – so that the organisation can still benefit from the learning.

      About the workshop: Numerous case studies document the bottom-line advantages to companies that develop long-term, highly interdependent relationships with groups of stakeholders. Researchers have found that it isn’t just the existence of the relationship that is important, but the qualities of the relationship that matters. In every relationship, trust was the ingredient for success.

      Recent events such as the BA staff industrial action have highlighted the danger of what can happen when relationships between an organisation and stakeholders sour. Stakeholders offer organisations both opportunity and threat. For instance if you have a good reputation with stakeholders they may give you more latitude to operate. On the other hand a poor reputation with the regulators may result in laws being passed that can make it more difficult for you to operate.

      Relationships can be fragile if not tended to, and communication and careful management can play a leading role in the maintenance of this. This seminar examines amongst many things the steps, hints and practices necessary to build lasting collaborative relationships, which should ultimately result in a better reputation.

      This 2 –day workshop shows business leaders and managers how to establish and maintain positive, mutually beneficial stakeholder relations. Based on a synthesis of ideas from community relations, marketing, strategic communication, reputation and stakeholder management, organizational change, sustainability and CSI thinking, it offers an integrated framework, as well as practical tools for developing new kinds of collaborative relationships and will cover areas such as the following:

      • Identifying key stakeholders: How do you decide which groups are vital and tailor your messages accordingly? How do you define stakeholders' needs, issues and concerns

      • Stakeholder engagement: What works - and how do you overcome conflicting agendas and promote a consistent, open, balanced dialogue?

      • Stakeholder Feedback: How should you use the data you get - and communicate your results for maximum gain? What listening methods are you using?

      • Current approaches to stakeholder assessment, measurement and reporting. Criteria for evaluation of success.

      • How to involve stakeholders in decision making processes and generate trust and improved relationships amongst stakeholders.

      • Exploring ways to enhance relationships with various stakeholders - targeting the media, employees, customers, suppliers, government and activists.

      The King 2 report on Corporate Governance advocates effective stakeholder relationships -"The modern approach is for a board to identify the company's stakeholders, including its shareowners and to agree on policies as to how the relationship with those stakeholders should be advanced and managed in the interests of the company".


      REPUCOMM provides business solutions that protect organisations against Reputation risk. Reputation Risk has been found by more than 5 leading international surveys to be the Number 1 risk facing organisations in the new world knowledge economy. Reputation Risk emerges when the reasonable expectations of stakeholders with regards to performance and behaviour are not met.

      For more information on the workshop or to register call REPUCOMM on 011 4753515 or e-mail deonbin@....


      Deon Binneman
      Phone: +27 011 4753515
      Fax: 0866129566
      Mobile: 083 4254318
      Johannesburg, South Africa
      Reputation (Risk/Crisis) Management
      Consulting & Training
      Because your Reputation matters....
      If Reputation is an organisation’s biggest asset and greatest risk,
      why aren’t you managing it like other assets and risks?

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