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      Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 10:35:18 -0500 (EST)
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      ADVERTISING: SPORTS: Super Bowl Commercials

      SPORTS: Super Bowl Commercials

      Ads Make the Super Bowl More Fun, Many Viewers Say

      "2:13 p.m., Jan. 27, 2004--Perhaps a record number of viewers will see 30
      minutes of the most expensive commercial time in advertising history when
      CBS broadcasts Super Bowl XXXVIII from Reliant Stadium in Houston on
      Sunday evening, Feb. 1.

      Though CBS likely still had a few spots left early this week, perhaps for
      as little as $60,000 per second, time sold briskly despite declining
      interest in network television advertising, according to John Antil,
      associate professor of business administration in the Alfred Lerner
      College of Business and Economics at UD.

      But, according to Antil, an expert on commercial advertising during the
      big game, the Super Bowl is, well, the Super Bowl, the only broadcast for
      which viewers want to see, evaluate and talk about the ads."

      The Super Bowl: It's The Super Bowl of Advertising!
      February 12, 2002

      "So, what is mlife? Is it...

      a) a slogan for mobile phones.
      b) a copy of an MTV ad campaign from two years ago.
      or, c) the most popular Super Bowl commercial online in a year when Super
      Bowl commercials were more popular than ever online.

      The answer is all three. Despite the fact that most observers felt they
      weren't up to par with past years, Super Bowl commercials finished #1 on
      the Lycos 50 for the first time ever. They were #17 last year, and #20 in
      2000. The biggest day in advertising also managed to knock the Chu
      Mei-Feng sex scandal (#2) out of our top spot."

      Is Super Bowl worth the cost of a commercial? For movies, it certainly is
      Those films outdo non-advertisers at the box office
      Posted: Jan. 24, 2004

      "The Super Bowl, the national showcase for football and advertising, is
      expected to draw about an equal number of sports and ad fans this year,
      according to a poll from a Baltimore ad agency.

      About 9% of the people who plan to watch will do so to see the ads, while
      8% of viewers will tune in to cheer either for the New England Patriots or
      the Carolina Panthers, respondents to the annual survey by Eisner
      Communications said.

      Most people, about 36%, will tune in from force of habit.

      "It has almost become America's unofficial holiday," said Greg Clausen,
      executive director of C-K Media, the media buying division of

      Whatever the reason, TV viewers have made the Super Bowl the most-watched
      program in TV history, drawing 138.9 million pairs of eyeballs last year.
      This year, advertisers are paying $2.25 million per 30 seconds to compete
      with the taco dip and the noise in the bar for the attention of those

      Monty Phan
      Madison Ave.'s Advertisements for Itself

      A shorter URL for the above link:


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      Here are some article citations regarding Super Bowl Advertising:

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      Super Bowl: Super Showcase for Commercials
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      David Dillard
      Temple University
      (215) 204 - 4584
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