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    Hello Everyone, I am new to the group, and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ms. Shani A. Faure and I am the Fashion Program Coordinator of a PR Firm in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
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      Hello Everyone,
      I am new to the group, and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is
      Ms. Shani A. Faure and I am the Fashion Program Coordinator of a PR
      Firm in NYC called PR-Franchize Inc. Here is an invite to out next PR
      Launch Party. PLease feel free to stop by if you have the time and
      you are in the area.

      PR Contact:
      PR-Franchize, Inc. - Public Relations Firm
      Toni-Mateo (CEO & PR Executive Coordinator)
      Main Phone: #516.481.5590 Direct Phone: #516.298.3633
      Immediate Media Release

      PR Launch Party - Executive Suite
      w/ PR-Franchize, Inc.

      JAN. 21, 2004 - NEW YORK CITY, NY. PR-Franchize, Inc. is pleased to
      produce and officially invite you to attend our signature: PR Launch
      Party - Executive Suite the week of Martin Luther King Holiday. This
      is a special presentation of VIP, Celebrities and Business Executives
      associated w/ our PR Firm. Official Sponsors: EbonyRider, Inc.

      PR-Franchize, Inc. is proud to announce our series presentation of PR
      Launch Party - Executive Suite [on Wed 01.21]. Our PR Launch Parties
      are professional functions we host to present, introduce and create
      powerful relationships for our PR Clientele and Strategic
      Partnerships. We anticipate 100 plus important guests including PR
      Executives, Marketing Directors, Promotion Managers, Media Outlets,
      Fashion Photographers, PR SpokesModels, and VIP Members related to
      our business as a PR Firm. The launch parties are presentations of
      corporate cocktails as Toni-Mateo (CEO) and our PR Staff will host
      and introduce you to important guests in attendance. "This is just a
      taste of many more PR launch parties as we continue to create
      stronger relationships w/ members of the media, corporate clients,
      celebrities and strategic alliances on regular basis." as quoted by

      Come and meet our special invited guests, important businesses and
      VIP from specific industries of corporate entertainment as we
      celebrate the New Year of 2004. The venue location will be: (Fashion
      40 Lounge @ 202 W. 40th St. - Off 7th Ave. @ 6pm). Dress Code:
      Business Casual (no exceptions). Music, bottle-service, appetizers
      and dinner menus will be available to those in attendance: Fashion 40
      Lounge Hotline #212.221.3628. For more information including setting
      up VIP parties w/ our clientele or strategic partnerships across the
      country contact a program coordinator at our PR Firm.

      Guests of PR-Franchize, Inc. will be honored Complimentary Admission
      w/ VIP GuestCard. Important Note: Our VIP Card will be available at
      50% Discount only for those in attendance. We anticipate donations of
      $10 per person towards the next PR Launch Party TBA at a later date.
      A portion of attendees donations will be gifted to one cash prize
      winner towards end of engagement. All others will be subject to
      venues admission pricing at management discretion. No access will be
      allowed unless you make a reservation on the guestlist. It is highly
      important to mention your Full Name, Phone #, Number of Guests &
      Title of Program. * Telephone Reservations Ends @ 12 Noon Jan.20.

      (*) For more information including: media interviews, sponsorship
      benefits, or upcoming events contact our main office or go online to
      the PR website [www.PR-Franchize.com]. All media outlets attending
      are required to call our main office to be permitted admission for
      any interviews or live coverage at our launch parties. Access to our
      PR Clienteles programs will only be allowed once reservations have
      been made (via) phone or online.

      Ms. Shani A Faure
      Fashion Program Coordinator, PR-Franchize Inc.
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