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Re: [prbytes] Need Your Expertise: PR Research

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  • Siobhan M. MacDermott
    Hi Heath, I d be willing to take your questionnaire. Best, Siobhan
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2003
      Hi Heath,

      I'd be willing to take your questionnaire.



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      > Subject: [prbytes] Need Your Expertise: PR Research
      > Hello fellow public relations professionals and students.
      > My name is Heath Weber, and I am a graduate student within Ohio State’s
      > School of Journalism and Communication and a public relations professional
      > at a major health benefits carrier. I’m working with Dr. Susan Kline on a
      > public relations study for my Master’s thesis at Ohio State University.
      > Being public relations professionals and students, we hope you would be so
      > inclined to provide data for the research, as the completion of the study
      > will result in further enriching the field in which we work.
      > The means of data collection is a questionnaire designed to elicit your
      > responses about corporate crisis situations and the ways companies respond
      > to these crises. It contains a variety of items on which I ask you to rate
      > based upon the information given and your knowledge. Please understand that
      > there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, so if you do elect to participate,
      > please provide your honest responses.
      > By participating in this study, you may benefit by thinking about new ways
      > to manage crisis situations that affect your organization’s credibility.
      > You would, of course, also be providing data to further enhance our field’s
      > research, which proves useful when it is applied to practical events.
      > Participation is obviously voluntary. Completion and return of the
      > questionnaire will imply your consent to participate. Please be aware,
      > however, that I cannot assure your confidentiality if you save your data on
      > your work computer, or if you send the information to me from a work
      > computer. You can rest assured, however, that I will remove any and all
      > identifiers from the data you provide to ensure it is not linked to you,
      > although you won’t be providing any sensitive information anyway. Also, the
      > data will be stored in a secure location where only I and my research
      > colleague can access it.
      > The questionnaire should take you about an hour to complete. It’s a
      > Microsoft Word document, so you can just type your answers in the spaces
      > provided, and save the file. Once you are finished, please return the
      > completed questionnaire (your saved file) to me at heath_weber@....
      > Lastly, completion of the survey at work, during normal work hours, may be a
      > breach of you company’s policies. I encourage you to comply with your
      > company’s policies regarding requests of this nature.
      > If you choose to participate, I will send each of you a final copy of the
      > study.
      > Please send e-mail to me at heath_weber@... to let me know if you
      > are interested in participating, and I will be glad to send you the
      > questionnaire.
      > Thank you for your time.
      > Heath Weber
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