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Introduction (again)

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  • Ned Barnett
    Re-introduction time. I was here before. I think I ve kind of been here all along (at least for a long time). But it s been a long time since I got anything
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002
      Re-introduction time.

      I was here before. I think I've kind of been here all along (at least for
      a long time). But it's been a long time since I got anything from PRB and
      an even longer time since I sent anything along.

      But that's all got to change.

      For those who don't remember me from this list's start or don't know me
      from the other PR lists I haunt, I'm primarily involved in high-tech (think
      Silicon Valley) and healthcare (think hospitals and doctors, not major
      pharma-cos.) public relations and marketing communications. I put in some
      time teaching, adjunct, at a couple of universities, and I've had a few
      books on PR published ... but mostly, I just try to do a good job for my

      I do care passionately about our profession, and about doing a good job for
      my clients (and about getting paid up front). I've worked for big and
      small agencies (if you count Fleishman-Hillard as big and Notch/Bradley as
      small), but I like working for and with myself best. So I network a lot,
      bringing in other independent PR pros when I need help with an account, and
      pitching in to help others when they need my brand of PR services. Some of
      the things I do include:

      Strategy and tactics (PR-Marcom-driven business plans, too)

      Market research (focus groups, online research - and turning them into
      "factoid" coverage among other things)

      Competitive market research ("cockroaching")

      Media Relations (of course)

      White Paper development

      Grass-roots issues advocacy (of conservative issues, mostly)

      Contributed articles and ghost-written books, articles and speeches

      Crisis PR (planning or reacting to crises)

      Non Profit stuff

      PR-driven NFP fund-raising

      Other stuff, too, but that pretty much covers the bases. For 30 years,
      I've specialized in being a generalist; in that time, I've pretty much done
      a bit of everything.

      So that's me. Again. Looking forward to getting to know all of you. Again.


      Ned Barnett, APR
      Fellow, ASHMPR

      Barnett Communications
      Exceptional Communications for Exceptional Clients

      420 N. Nellis Blvd., A3 - 276
      Las Vegas, NV 89110
      Phone: 702-696-1200 * Cell: 702-561-1167 * FAX: 702-696-1211
      NedWriter@... (used on the road)
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