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Marketing, backup thousands of computers backing up 1% to 20% of their drives

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  • jroehl2
    I have an idea for backing up computer hard drives, over the Internet/LAN/WAN, by just backing up from 1% to 20% (for most computers) of the drive, even over
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3 8:57 AM
      I have an idea for backing up computer hard drives, over the
      Internet/LAN/WAN, by just backing up from 1% to 20% (for most
      computers) of the drive, even over very slow dial-up connections,
      very quickly. Over the past few months, I have written a solid
      client/server based working model. It allows people to back up their
      computers for a few dollars a year. It has been completely written
      and tested. I have undertaken months of research on this topic, and I
      can't find any sort of software product that comes close to
      the efficiencies that I believe I have discovered. This includes a
      week of research at the United States Patent Office. I have filed for
      a provisional patent here in Washington DC, and therefore I have one
      year to get my "real" utility patent.

      I know it is a good idea because whenever I describe how this is done
      to technically inclined people, as soon as they "get it" (it
      takes a
      couple of minutes) their jaws drop, and they start uttering words
      like brilliant and awesome. I believe this to be the "holy
      grail" of
      system backup. The idea is based on a mathematical theory that won
      the Nobel peace prize several years ago. It has been presented to
      several "experts" including a few CIO (Chief Information
      types, and professors at non-profit institutions and universities.
      Nobody has been able to "break" the underlying principles,
      even after
      hours of Q&A.

      I have been a successful independent computer consultant for 20 years.

      I am currently in a bind, in that, when a person is explained the 2
      combined methodologies behind the system, the idea just jumps right
      out, and is readily understood by anybody with a good technical
      background. Apparently, nobody (that I know of) has combined these 2
      areas of information science, and applied it to information
      replication. This is why I have been weary of approaching any large
      private sector firms (market makers) with this idea. I am afraid they
      will just take it and run with it, leaving me in the their dust.

      The application is also thought to be an invaluable investigative
      tool for the FBI/CIA/DOJ/DOD as a potential forensics tool (home land

      I know that most all computers will someday utilize this technology
      to backup. Technologies that provide this scale of efficiencies are
      always adopted, over the course of time, as technology progresses.
      The only question is, who is going to do it, when will this evolution
      take place and will I be involved with it?

      My only other possibilities are putting out a public domain white
      paper about the system, and hope to book some billable hours off the
      exposure this might bring. Or, wait for the system to be discovered
      by a firm that has the resources and exposure to implement it, and
      then sue them for years, over patent infringement, and make a group
      of lawyers rich.

      I can't get past the gatekeepers, to get a hearing by the
      makers, because the decision makers don't know who I am, and the
      gatekeepers don't care, or understand, what I may have.
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