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    Hello Shuki, I m a German PR consultant. In Germany, such a law does not exist. Of course, everybody must conform to the usual, non-PR-relates laws about
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
      Hello Shuki,

      I'm a German PR consultant. In Germany, such a law does not exist. Of course, everybody must conform to the usual, non-PR-relates laws about business contracts.

      I don‘t know if other European countries have specific PR laws but I think they don’t. You may find out more via the European or international professional associations. (See links below)

      The access to the PR profession is open: There is no law or something similar controlling who may call him/herself PR consultant and who may offer PR services. In the last years, there have been initiatives to found „neutral“ institutions for the training and certification of PR professionals.

      What we do have in Germany are two professional associations, one for PR practitioners, one for PR agencies. All members of both PR associations commit themselves to the codes of conduct of these professional associations, which include the international codes „Code d'Ath?nes“ and „Code de Lisbonne“.

      Both DPRG and GPRA together have founded an ethics commission which passes judgements about ethical or unethical behaviour, based on the Codes. This is called „freiwillige Selbstkontrolle“ (voluntary self-regulation of the profession) so there are no „real“ legal sanctions or official state actions. The ethics commission may send out a press release about incidents of unethical behaviour, and the professional associations may throw someone out - I think that's about it as far as sanctions go, embarrassing as it may be.

      I hope this information helps. Good luck to you and your initiative!

      Kind regards
      (Ms.) Tatja St?lten, M.A.
      Deutsche Post AG ** Online-PR Consultant
      mailto:T.Stuelten@... <mailto:T.Stuelten@...> * http://www.deutschepost.com <http://www.deutschepost.com/>

      Links and addresses:

      Gesellschaft Public Relations Agenturen E.V. (GPRA)
      URL: <http://www.gpra.de> http://www.gpra.de (in German)
      English version: <http://www.dprg.de/gpracom/basi/basi.htm> http://www.dprg.de/gpracom/basi/basi.htm

      Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V. (DPRG)
      URL: <http://www.dprg.de> http://www.dprg.de (in German)
      About the codes: <http://www.dprg.de/dprg/drpr/drpr_3.htm> http://www.dprg.de/dprg/drpr/drpr_3.htm (in German)

      CERP Conf?d?ration Europ?enne des Relations Publiques
      Rue de Verdun 51, F-92150 Suresnes
      Fon: 0031 / 1 / 46 97 20-00
      Fax: 0031 / 1 / 46 97 20-10
      Website <http://www.cerp.org> http://www.cerp.org

      International Public Relations Association ( IPRA )
      Web: <http://www.ipranet.org> http://www.ipranet.org
      About international Codes of Conduct: <http://www.ipranet.org/codes.htm> http://www.ipranet.org/codes.htm


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      I'm a member of the Israeli association of PR.
      We try to put to vote in the Israeli parlament a proposel
      for PR law: (...)
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