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Radiocracy - Durban, South Africa

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  • Robin SEWLAL
    INTERNATIONAL RADIOCRACY CONFERENCE September 2001 - Durban, South Africa The Department of Public Relations & Journalism at the ML Sultan Technikon in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2000
      September 2001 - Durban, South Africa

      The Department of Public Relations & Journalism at the ML Sultan Technikon in Durban, South Africa is to host the next International 'Radiocracy' Conference in September 2001.

      The term 'Radiocracy' was coined by John Hartley after being inspired by President Thabo Mbeki. Hartley was convenor of the inaugural conference in November 1999 in Cardiff, Wales. 'Radiocracy' represents a genuine attempt to encourage and promote the study of radio that are primarily driven by the principles of democracy and development. Radio is also an excellent tool for the purposes of reconciliation and reconstruction toward an open society. The medium does not only provide constant companionship and entertainment but also is the sole source of information for several impoverished regions around the world.

      Over the years, radio has continued to maintain pervasive power through portability and remarkable reach against the ever-increasing competitive forces brought on by an array of divergent forces. This ought to make radio an even more critical instrument to all stakeholders in this day and age.

      Apart from the wide-ranging issues governing democracy and development, the conference also intends exploring other key areas like radio's role in terms of the disabled, youth, women, and education. The conference will interest media practitioners, students, researchers, regulators, policy makers and activists.

      This announcement serves to invite you to contribute in whatever way possible to it's overall success. I certainly look forward to hearing from you be it on themes/topics and/or any other thoughts on this important conference. Though a formal call as not yet gone out, you are welcome to submit abstracts, not exceeding 300 words, should you intend making a presentation at the conference. Radiocracy is but one of the activities being hosted by the department as part of the journalism programme's 10th anniversary in 2001.

      I thank you.

      Advocate Robin Sewlal
      Department of Public Relations & Journalism
      ML Sultan Technikon
      PO Box 1334
      4000 South Africa

      tel : +27-31-308 6806
      fax : +27-31-308 6801
      e-mail : sewlalr@...
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