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6200RE: [prbytes] Permission to post on YouTube?

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  • Kirkpatrick, Lois
    Dec 30, 2013
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      Rob, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making all this effort on our behalf! It wasn’t wasted; hopefully your step-by-step explanation below gave useful info to other newsgroup members.

      One of our I.T. friends did a cut-n-clip job for us, probably using YouTube’s edit function you mention below. Good to know that’s something we can probably use ourselves in the future.

      Thanks again!

      Lois Kirkpatrick, Manager
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      Yikes... I feel terrible! Your post reminded me that I had promised to help Lois with this project. I put a lot of time into it a few weeks ago, but with all the confusion around the holidays, it kinda got lost in the shuffle.

      Here's what I did: Using Replay Media Catcher 5 (from Applian Technologies), I captured the full 26-minute program stream from the WJLA website. This tool also works with YouTube and most other streaming video/audio sites by accessing the multiple temporary files segments that are downloaded in the background as content is being streamed. It then combines and converts them into your choice of file format. I picked MP4, because it's the preferred format for high-def videos on YouTube. (As I recall, the original video was 720p HD in FLV Flash format.)

      I then used Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to open the 26-min. MP4 file and clip out the 4:20 segment Lois needs. I also did some creative editing to extract and add the program's opening animated graphics, theme music, and voiceover intro onto the beginning of the clip, plus a fade-to-black transition at the end. I saved that edited footage in the same MP4 format as the original.

      It was only when I opened and viewed the final edited video that a big problem surfaced: the audio and video tracks were noticeably out of sync. I tried everything I could think of to correct the issue, but to no avail. I used different video formats and rendering settings, and even started all over from the beginning again, but the results always included the same audio/video sync problems. I did some research, and it appears that this is a fairly common problem in certain cases with the latest Adobe Premiere versions. So my plan is to install a completely different editing package and try again, but I simply haven't had enough time in the last few weeks to do this.

      I did try performing the editing online via YouTube's built-in tool, but it's pretty rudimentary and I couldn't manage to add the program's opening animations and theme music to the clip.

      So Lois, if you still need this clip, please let me know and I'll see if a different video editing package will solve the sync problems. My apologies for the delay in what should have been a fairly simple little project!

      Rob Vonderhaar
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      Subject: Re: [prbytes] Permission to post on YouTube?

      Hi Lois --

      How did you resolve this? I may have a similar situation.



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      From: Ned Barnett
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      This is news to me - you might want to get a second IT opinion. Seems a bit of a stretch. But that's not my rice bowl, so I could be wrong.


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      Kirkpatrick, Lois

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      Subject: RE: [prbytes] Permission to post on YouTube?

      Follow-up question. The good news is, ABC has given us permission to use the
      clip on our YouTube channel! The bad news is, my webmaster is telling me
      that in order to carve out our three-minute segment from the 30-minute show and post the clip online, we have to buy special software.

      Is this true? I can't imagine that zillions of YouTubers are buying special software to cut out clips from online videos so they can post them on YouTube.

      Lois Kirkpatrick, Manager
      Marketing and Communications
      703.737.8385 - biz.loudoun.gov

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