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  • Ned Barnett
    Dec 24, 2013
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      OK, the blog was written about political events (though there's nothing
      political in here - at all) but it was originally written for a facial
      cosmetic surgery business journal, then adapted. The inspiration came when
      our son was married, and I saw how the wedding planner worked. Most of us
      could learn something from these insane-but-functional folks.

      Oh, and Merry Christmas .


      Planning a Campaign Event - or a PR event - is Like Planning A Wedding -

      Our "last" son was married last Saturday night - a great wedding and a
      blessing on both families - but as I had some time to talk to the wedding
      planner, I realized that there is a lot of similarity between wedding
      planning and campaign event planning or PR event planning. Naturally, I
      couldn't wait to share this insight, to help start-up candidates get a
      handle on what it's all about.

      So check out my latest blog on how to succeeds with a political campaign (or
      a PR campaign) event ...


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