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  • Ned Barnett
    Nov 26, 2013
      This is off-topic, and (for me) fairly personal. In a nutshell, I've been
      trying to come to grips with my faith and belief, and to learn more about
      what's behind it. Being a writer, that means I write about it (by that, I
      mean I write blogs about it, at a blogger blog-site of mine called Faith's

      Let's face it. I'm 61, which means even with the most extended life-span I
      can imagine (my grandfather survived to 101 - though I'm adopted so I can't
      claim his genes), I'm on the down-hill slope of life. Beyond that, I've had
      open heart surgery, I've got diabetes, and I'm not exactly Charles Atlas
      when it comes to physical fitness. If I had any questions about life's
      ephemeral nature, I lost a son in a one-car accident about 14 years ago, and
      I lost my wife (his mother) to suicide (she couldn't handle the grief) six
      years ago. Then, on the completely other side of the coin of life, I've got
      two wonderful grandchildren by my oldest son and his wife, and Lynn's
      youngest and his wife are due to have their first child (a son, Blaise
      Thomas), this spring.

      All of which is at least part of why I guess I'm looking into what I

      If you're at all like me, trying to come to grips with what you believe (and
      why), you might find this interesting. I've just posted a couple of blogs -
      one on the Book of Jonah (the "other" and perhaps more relevant "real"
      lesson of Jonah) and the other, just tonight, on the Book of Proverbs.

      I am no bible scholar, and that's probably why I was so surprised to
      discover, late last week, that the Book of Proverbs has perhaps the clearest
      single prophecy of Christ's coming that I've ever seen in the Old Testament.

      In fact, if you read Proverbs 8: 17-29, you won't be able to miss the clear
      tie to the Gospel of John's opening five verses about Christ's role "in the

      You can see both, along with my rather surprised view of what I'd found, at
      http://www.nedfaithjourney.blogspot.com . and if you haven't read my
      insights into the Book of Jonah (the other lesson of Jonah), please check
      that out, too.

      As always, I welcome all insights, comments, etc.


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