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6176xp fake twitter accounts call into question the real value of Twitter

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  • Ned Barnett
    Nov 25, 2013
      But it also shows how the fake accounts can be used to promote clients,
      build a following, sell tickets or even shut down political activities . or
      so says the Wall Street Journal. Fascinating article - what do YOU think
      about this?


      BTW - if it works and if it's legal, I'm open to considering it, though I
      haven't "gone there" yet. It's not my issue if Twitter chooses to not clean
      house (Facebook obviously does, according to the article). But this also
      makes me more than suspicious about any "success" that Twitter generates.

      I continue to recommend social networking for my clients, but I remain
      skeptical as to its real advantage. I spent the weekend trying to monitor
      things, and it's very clear that the ephemeral nature of the beast (here
      today, gone later today) suggests that having a lot of followers is less
      advantageous than clients seem to think. 10,000 Twitter followers doesn't
      mean that 10,000 people will see your Tweet.

      The fact that the number of followers you have is seen as a measure of
      success or impact, I can understand why some of my clients are "buying"
      followers. Not because they think it will influence the people they bought
      (I'm all but convinced they're buying "bots" instead of real people), but
      because so many act as if raw numbers mean something important.


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