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6144RE: allow me to recommend a great blog for PR consultants

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  • kezia_jauron
    Sep 26, 2013

      I saw something on the same topic on PR Daily recently. I work with many great nonprofits, and I'm passionate about what I do and what they do. I would rather spend an hour, if it helps them in some meaningful way, than watch them struggle.

      Having said that, I will add that I tend to give free advice and even pro bono services to the organizations that have paid me in the past on one project or another. When I have a good working history with the nonprofit, I trust them to follow through, so I don't feel I'm wasting my breath.

      Moreover I find that doing some pro bono work for something I believe in makes me feel energized, and spikes my productivity, even at those times I feel I have too much on my plate to take on one more thing. Helping someone else has that effect on me. I feel good about my work and my impact, and it inspires me to do more.

      We recently worked with a new-to-us nonprofit on a project. We told them what we normally charge, and gave them a 50% discount. We put in more time and effort than we initially expected, but the results were fantastic. They paid us the full fee, without accepting the discount, and we already started talking about future projects. Needless to say this is a group I'd be happy to give my brain pickings to.

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      This nails it. Also see my comment (so I don't have to print it here <g>).

      Let's discuss it.


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