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6135XP - The dangers inherent to Twitter and Social Media

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  • Ned Barnett
    Sep 21, 2013
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      When I work for my clients, I'm a big fan of Twitter - but I also like to
      plan out and script out tweets in advance, to ensure consistency to our
      goal. However, as this article indicates, there is a huge risk to
      unfettered Twitter:

      In this case, the Tweet garnered national headlines, coverage on Drudge, and
      it quickly cost the Tweeter his job, even though he apologized. This
      reflects to me the real risk of real-time tweeting on issues when passions
      run high. And let's face it, passions always run high. This reminds me of
      what happens inside the safety of an automobile when one driver cuts off
      another, then shoots him the bird. What the cut-off and disssed driver says
      (in the confines of his car) are generally unprintable, hasty, even
      potentially illegal (as are all death threats). Yet doing so in a car is
      relatively safe, as long as you don't get into a road-warrior game of
      chicken . but doing the same thing on Twitter is public, and it has

      Clients need to know this. It's a hard lesson to learn, a harder lesson to
      remember, but it is a vital lesson for any client to keep.

      Related to this, consider Anthony Weiner, who's comeback political campaign
      was self-immolated by continued sexting. More important (since relatively
      few are that dumb) is what happens when you put photos from the weekend
      kegger on your Facebook page, where it remains forever and a day, easily
      found and eternally damning from a business perspective.

      Disclaimer: The Tweeter in question was the Democratic Party Communications
      Director for Sacramento; and in 2009-2010, I was the Republican Party
      Communications Director for both Clark County/Las Vegas and for the state of
      Nevada. However, this posting (and the link attached) are not political -
      they are all about Twitter. The example just happens to come from the
      political arena. Please do not use this as an opportunity to launch into a
      political diatribe, which is against the rules at PR Mindshare, and not a
      good idea on any PR site. Thank you.


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