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6125Re: OT - PC Run Amok

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  • kezia_jauron
    Aug 22, 2013
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      I haven't heard anyone decry "political correctness" or its ravages in more than a decade, but more power to ya.

      As you know I do PR for animal rights nonprofits and campaigns, and very generally speaking, humans are interested in (some) nonhuman animals. Caring about animals is hardly petty or extreme. Cats and internet video were made for each other. And have you seen the stats on how much money people spend on holiday gifts for their dogs?

      Yes there's a lot of "bad news" and serious news in the world, and a news website knows that readers' tolerances and attention spans won't take a total onslaught of...oh look, baby ducklings. Click.

      I don't know enough about the first two stories, but people do expect leaders to behave ethically and morally. Obama choosing a $2300 purebred dog is not ethical or moral behavior when 5-6 million shelter animals are exterminated every year. That isn't an imagined slight, it's 5-6 million lives snuffed out because there aren't enough homes like yours for all these unwanted pets.

      To attempt to bring this to PR, I don't think there's enough public attention given to this tragedy, so I appreciate that the Obama dog provides a topical hook. Maybe it will inspire people who dislike Obama to go to a shelter or a rescue organization. Maybe some enterprising person is making a t-shirt right now with a picture of the dog that says "Screw Obama: Adopt Don't Shop."


      --- In prbytes@yahoogroups.com, "Ned Barnett" <ned@...> wrote:
      > Three headlines in Drudge this morning highlight the ravages of political
      > correctness in the world today (all of them involving more-or-less
      > domesticated animals) - and, when offset by stories of hundreds of people
      > being gassed to death in Syria, NSA spying globally, bored teen-agers
      > murdering people on a whim and unemployment spiking back to 8.9 percent, all
      > this PC stuff seems (to me) to be remarkably petty.
      > One article decried, at great length, the horrors of someone killing and
      > barbecuing one of the Queen's swans. Since when did the UK become
      > vegetarian? Sauce for the Goose, anyone?
      > Another article decried, at even greater length (and with less clarity) the
      > fact that some disabled people claim that "others" are faking it when they
      > present Fido as a service dog. Horror of horrors, one man who found himself
      > caught in the rain chose (will it never stop?), rather than walking his dog
      > home in the rain, to take a bus and claim Rex was a service dog. Having had
      > a wet dog on occasion, I find it hard to criticize this innovation. A
      > disabled advocate claims that these actions by others harm her and other
      > really disabled people, but she never suggested quite how.
      > Finally, the advocates for adopting shelter pooches instead of pure-bred
      > dogs are up in arms because the First Family decided to get yet another pure
      > bred mutt as a new puppy. Oh, the humanity!
      > Look, I've got nothing against rescuing animals. My last dog was what I
      > called a "door-step dog," (he was a stray, huddling miserably against our
      > glass sliding door in a rainstorm, clearly formerly abused and scared to
      > death, but also hungry for human companionship). Loved that dog for years.
      > And two several of our cats have been rescued shelter cats (though one of
      > them is supposedly a pure-bred, but she's also the smallest "Maine Coon"
      > I've ever seen).
      > To add hilarity to mockery in that last story, it was reported that the
      > Obama family, upon purchasing this hyper-bred puppy, made a donation to the
      > animal shelter "in the name of Sunny" . I guess they were buying an
      > indulgence or a carbon credit (so to speak) to offset the horrors of buying
      > a dog that wasn't a shelter dog.
      > Has the world got nothing better to do than to whine about imagined slights
      > while trying to force others into their ideas of what politically correct
      > behavior ought to be?
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