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6040Perhaps I was a bit oblique... (my bad) ... but I'd like some help

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  • Ned Barnett
    Mar 2, 2013
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      I need some help from professional communicators, especially those who have
      contacts in the hospital or healthcare field.

      Last week, I mentioned to the list that a client had named me their
      "National Sales Director" and asked me to set up a program to help hospitals
      and healthcare companies - including healthcare-related not-for-profits - to
      use ICON, a billion-dollar media buyer, a division of Omnicom, a NYSE
      company with the unfortunate ticker symbol, (NYSE: OMG).

      To attract hospitals and other health-related clients, ICON is offering an
      up-front rebate of 18% in exchange for giving ICON a three-year agreement to
      buy their media. For a hospital with a decent advertising program, that
      ranges from hundreds of thousands of dollars up to (for the high-end
      hospitals), several million dollars in up-front rebates - these are paid
      out, in cash, in full, at the start of the agreement.

      Anyway, I'm looking for people who can either open doors to decision-makers
      at a specific hospital or healthcare company or charity (open the door so I
      can step in and try to present this deal). I pay a very nice finder's fee
      for those who can facilitate a decision-maker meeting that leads to a deal.

      I'm also looking for people who feel they know enough decision-makers in
      healthcare that they'd like to do this directly, and earn a 25% commission
      on the net of the deal (for a hospital that spends $2.5 million a year on
      advertising, the commission is around $50,000).

      Best of all, there is no sales-closing. ICON does that - they just need to
      "prime the pump" at the hospital decision-making level, then they'll take
      that interest, turn it into a proposal and close the deal.

      So as I said, I need help - either one-deal door-openers or folks who'd like
      to take a bit of their spare time and go after five- or six-figure
      commissions for (what is, in essence) giving away money.

      If you're not the right person, but you know the right person, please put
      them in touch with me, or vice-versa.



      Ned Barnett, APR
      Marketing & PR Fellow, American Hospital Association
      Barnett Marketing Communications
      420 N. Nellis Blvd., A3-276 - Las Vegas NV 89110
      702-561-1167 - cell/text
      <http://www.barnettmarcom.com> www.barnettmarcom.com - twitter @nedbarnett

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