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5734RE: [prbytes] Re: Blogger addresses?

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  • Ned Barnett
    Jan 6, 2012

      Just to tweak dust motes from gnats eyes . (how's that for mixing

      I see asking if you can pitch them vs. actually pitching them as a bit
      different. What I suggested was (I think) the former, and in that, showing
      some awareness of what they've covered. I generally don't include that
      detail when I actually pitch, as I tend to focus on the sizzle right from
      the get-go.

      But you say patahtoe and I say poTAYtoe, so maybe we should call the whole
      thing off?

      Good luck in reaching bloggers.

      BTW - on another list, just this morning, two people asked about lists
      provided by Bulldog Reporter, and one of them was a list of 300 bloggers in
      a topical area. Don't know how good they are (maybe I'll find out), and
      don't know if they have the kind of blogger list you need, but you might
      check them out.

      As I said, don't know about their list cred, but I worked with them in a
      different area entirely a few years ago and found them reputable (actually,
      they interviewed me for an article, while I was sitting in an airport
      parking garage at the start of some out-of-town trip - not the best
      environment for an interview, but they pulled it off well.

      hope this helps, and if anybody on the list can comment on Bulldog
      Reporter's media lists, please do so.

      Ned Barnett, APR

      Marketing & PR Fellow, American Hospital Association

      Barnett Marketing Communications

      420 N. Nellis Blvd., A3-276 - Las Vegas NV 89110

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      Ned writes:

      <<I think that "creating a relationship" could be limited to an email,
      "Hi, Bob. I see that your PR blog covers X and Y on a fairly regular basis,
      and I'm wondering if you'd consider publishing a guest blog on Z, which as
      you know is closely related to X and Y."

      Something like that - it shows that you know something about their blog
      (topically) and that what you'd like to submit is related in some way to
      what they cover. That should be sufficient "relationship-building". or so
      it seems to me.>>

      Ned, what you've described is what I'd call "pitching a story." When someone
      suggests "relationship building," that means, at a minimum, reading and
      commenting on a specific blog on a regular basis for several months.
      Ideally, it could also include exchanging a few emails/texts/calls on top of
      that. So pitching and relationship building are two totally different

      Not that I'm arguing with you. I actually prefer what you've outlined above.

      Lois Kirkpatrick, Manager
      Marketing & Strategic Analysis
      Office for Children
      Fairfax County Dept. of Family Services


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