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5722RE: [prbytes] Blogger addresses?

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  • Ned Barnett
    Jan 5, 2012
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      While Robert is dead-right about developing relationships, there are sources
      of blogger contact information that can help you get started. I know that
      "mymediainfo" has an optional feature that includes blogger contact info -
      have no idea how much it is (and I guess you have to first buy their core
      information database). And I know there are other sources.

      The key, as with any media outreach effort, involves researching the
      individuals once you get the list, creating relationships (in that Robert
      was spot on), then pitching. But that's the same as all other effective
      media outreach efforts. If it's worth your time, that's how to go.

      I have found that if you create the list carefully enough, "spray and pray"
      may be effective - but that takes a sophisticated understanding of creating
      the lists, which also takes time. There are few shortcuts.

      Hope this helps.


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      Kirkpatrick, Lois M.
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      Subject: [prbytes] Blogger addresses?

      Can't figure out how to find contact info for bloggers. In an effort to
      avoid spam, many of them don't post their email addresses in their "About"
      or "Bio" sections, nor do they have a message feature.

      Is their contact info a state secret? Do most bloggers belong in the Witness
      Protection Program? What's the key to contacting these people?

      Lois Kirkpatrick, Manager
      Marketing & Strategic Analysis
      Office for Children
      Fairfax County Dept. of Family Services


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