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5323XP - What are you doing to engage in Social Media (was FYI: Five Tips for Smarter Social Networking (Harvard Biz Review blog)

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  • Ned Barnett
    Feb 1, 2011
      Cindy - good question.

      Since the first of November when I finally "got religion" on social
      networking, I've been going to school on the subject, reading the best
      people in the field (as I've been told).

      Started with Seth Godin, read "Meatball Sundae" and began reading his daily
      blog. Very good stuff.

      Then I read (twice, so far) David Meerman Scott's New Rules PR & Marketing
      (2nd Edition) - HIGHLY RECOMMEND this guy.

      Got a lot of help and sage/savvy advice from my long-time friend and
      webmaster Jube Dankworth, who's a bona fide guru in the area, and I'm
      learning at the feet of the master.

      And I started "doing it," with some blogging at tweeting. Began using
      Tweetdeck to forward-post tweets, and integrated my twitter with my Facebook
      account. Stuff like that.

      And as questions/problems arose, I started asking questions of lists like
      this, and paying attention to the answers.

      And I'm moving forward. Got a couple of books on Twitter and one on
      Facebook Marketing that are in the queue now, so I can't critique them yet,
      but I will when I can, and am picking up a book over lunch on Linkedin (this
      is for my wife - she's got a new gig posting on Facebook for a client, and
      wants to be right up to the minute).

      It's literally a going-to-school project for me -

      Truth be told, mid-January I got distracted by some personal "stuff" but I'm
      moving beyond that and starting to get back into the swing of things and am
      returning to my "school daze" with social media.

      So, like Cindy (below), I'd be interested what others are doing in Social
      Media .


      Ned Barnett, APR

      Marketing & PR Fellow, American Hospital Association

      Barnett Marketing Communications

      420 N. Nellis Blvd., A3-276 - Las Vegas NV 89110

      702-561-1167 - cell/text

      www.barnettmarcom.com - twitter @nedbarnett


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      Subject: RE: [PRQuorum] (X-Post) FYI: Five Tips for Smarter Social
      Networking (Harvard Biz Review blog)

      Good posting Andy and the blog has more details - thanks.

      This spurs on a question. where are you, i.e., list members, going/doing, to
      stay abreast of social media. Learn how to do it, learn what is coming up?

      Personally - soaking in all opportunities. I've subscribed to Hubspot for
      some of this and I find it backwards that a company that talks about being a
      go-to source for social media, should use voice only online seminars. I'd
      expect them to have live footage. CPRS has offered some interesting

      I know Ned has started blogging. Most folks I know are tweeting. I'm not
      there yet, but Peter Mansbridge (news anchor) is inviting viewers to follow
      coverage from Egypt via the reporters tweets - a sign of the times for sure.

      So list members. what are YOU doing? What have you tried that didn't work?
      What is the ROI and how is your organization measuring that?


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      Subject: [PRQuorum] (X-Post) FYI: Five Tips for Smarter Social Networking
      (Harvard Biz Review blog)

      1. Express more vulnerability.
      2. Mix professional and personal lives.
      3. Provoke.
      4. Promote others.
      5. Actively seed, feed and weed.
      [Example reader comment: Do a strategy first.]

      SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/6e2d7mg


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