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  • ana lydia ochoa
    Oct 29, 2009
      Stephen et all,

      The grand opening event for UNAM-LA is geared towards an exclusive group of attendees and is not open to the public. Confirmed guests include UNAM officials from Mexico, local government leaders, key people based in LA from local partner universities (including UCLA).

      In addition, UNAM-LA is opening their *office* doors to their *professional/extension* campus, not a *traditional* campus - so the stigma of hosting a "liquor" event on campus doesn't apply.

      In terms of the *image* UNAM wants to portray, well, for those in the *know* and those invited to the event, UNAM has the distinct honor of being THE leading university in Latin America. PERIOD. That being said, UNAM is bringing part of it's culture and uniqueness to LA. And as in Mexico, UNAM LA will emphasis and present events highlighting the cultural beauty of Latin American art, music among other *things.*

      That being said, it is quote common to host *cocktail* receptions at University related events in Latin America.

      Thank you for bringing up this question/issue Stephen, et all - this proves once again, that *cultural relevance* applies not just when reaching ethnic consumers, but also when working with foreign companies.

      Ana Lydia Ochoa
      padma media & marketing, Inc.


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      Sent: Thu, October 29, 2009 8:59:34 AM
      Subject: RE: [prbytes] (X-post) Looking for Liquor or Spirit Sponsor for an Event NEXT WEEK

      I suspect the message they're sending is that they understand their donors.

      Ned Barnett, APR

      Marketing/PR Fellow, American Hospital Association

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      Subject: Re: [prbytes] (X-post) Looking for Liquor or Spirit Sponsor for an
      Event NEXT WEEK

      What is the message the University sends when it provides alcoholic
      beverages? Does this contribute to the desired image?


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      Subject: [prbytes] (X-post) Looking for Liquor or Spirit Sponsor for an
      Event NEXT WEEK

      Good morning everyone!

      We recently signed UNAM as a client. UNAM is ranked as one of the leading
      universities in the world.

      For our first project, we are managing PR/publicity for the grand opening of

      their LA office. The opening will host top LA leaders, gov't officials,
      (US) education leaders and UNAM representatives and instructors from Mexico.

      In addition to the traditional ribbon cutting and toast, the event will also

      display an exhibit artwork from a leading South American painter, which will

      be displayed for 90 days. Proceeds from the sale of the paintings will be
      used as scholarship funds for an upcoming US Fellowship program.

      This is where you come in: we are looking for spirits sponsors to provide
      liquor for approx 150 guests NEXT WEEK. This is a wonderful opportunity to
      position your client with influentials within the education, government and
      LA Latino community.

      Please respond to: alo@padma-media- marketing. com
      <mailto:alo% 40padma-media- marketing. com>

      Thank you!

      Ana Lydia
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      Subject: [prbytes] XP - talk about a game changer

      Web Addresses to Include Chinese and Arabic Characters

      Despite what some might say, it's not often that an opportunity comes along
      to change the lives of billions of people. But that's just what the Internet
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      According to the Daily Mail, the ICANN board will pass a resolution this
      Friday that will allow entire Web addresses to be written in non-Latin
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      Hindi to Greek. The change means that many people around the world could
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      tongue. Of the 1.6 billion people who use the Internet, about half are
      native speakers of languages that do not use the Latin alphabet. "This is
      the biggest change technically to the Internet since it was invented 40
      years ago," said ICANN chairman Peter Dengate Thrush at a press conference
      in Seoul, South Korea yesterday. If approved, the first non-Roman domain
      names should hit the Web sometime in mid-2010.

      But why now? For years, the group has been testing a new translation system
      to convert multiple scripts into a single address, and it finally feels
      ready to put the system to use.

      We don't want to count our chickens before they hatch, but this is big news,
      folks. It's akin to the introduction of a three-point line in basketball, or
      the forward pass in football. This resolution will totally change the game,
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