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4534XP - TIME-SENSITIVE PR Services - Inquiry - What's the Best (and what's the cost?)

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  • Ned Barnett
    Apr 2, 2009
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      I'm used to clients who have tight budgets and won't spring for things like
      clipping services, wouldn't consider VNRs, and think satellite media tours
      can be done by Skype. However, I've now got a client who has - or hopes to
      have - sufficient funding to do things right. They've asked me to put
      together a list of recommendations, along with costs, for PR support
      services - naturally while I'm home in bed recovering from a sinus infection
      that WON'T GO AWAY (grumble), giving me very little energy and not much
      focus. I tried contacting Cison - asking for a service/price list - but
      instead of a written list I got a smarmy young man calling me at the end of
      the work day who clearly wasn't interested and didn't call me back at a
      better time (as I'd asked).

      So I'm reaching out to you, my colleagues, and asking for your help on one
      or more of the questions here. Please scroll down through a series of
      questions and answer those you can - post to the list or to me at
      ned-at-barnettmarcom.com (or both). Thanks

      I've identified the following as possible services:

      Media Lists

      Clipping Services

      VNR Distribution

      Satellite Media Tours

      Release Distribution Services

      Email Blasts


      My first question: What am I overlooking? Is there a service out there
      that has escaped my fevered brain's limited attention span?

      My next question - for each of these categories, can you provide a vendor
      you'd recommend, along with at least a ballpark number on their cost (if not
      the cost, then at least the name and recommendation)? Please tell me why
      you recommend them, as I'm sure I'll be asked. If you can also briefly
      explain HOW to best work with them, so much the better.

      Next, for the same list, can you warn me away from any vendors you've had
      bad experiences with? You can detail this or not as you see fit.

      Finally, I'm sure to have overlooked something, so please fill in the


      Ned Barnett, APR

      Marketing/PR Fellow, American Hospital Association

      Barnett Marketing Communications

      420 N. Nellis Blvd. A3-276

      Las Vegas NV 89110

      702-696-1200 - ned@...


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