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  • davidrodewald
    Sep 30, 2007
      Kezia - thanks for the very in-depth analysis on this product. We've
      always been tempted to try it, but have shied away from it because of
      the cost relative to other tools, and because we've felt that it is a
      much better resource for agencies that are more consumer oriented than
      our tech-focused practice. We're now evaluating Central Desktop,
      Zoho, and Copper Project which mix CRM with collaboration tools. I
      can let you know how that goes if you are interested.


      --- In prbytes@yahoogroups.com, "kezia_jauron" <kezia@...> wrote:
      > The negatives seem pretty...negative.
      > The agency I'm still employed by uses Vocus. It combines a hosted
      > media contact/outlet database with project management software. As a
      > media database, it's lacking. As a project management tool, it's more
      > than a small agency is likely to need, in my opinion, and it costs a
      > whole lot more than it should.
      > On the plus side, it produces excellent reports and acts as an online
      > clipping service. What's nice is that clippings are actually matched
      > to contacts. In a contact's window, you'll see their
      > address/phone/email, profiles (which are minimal if they exist at
      > all), any proprietary notes you've entered, then all activities
      > associated with that contact such as copies of any emails you've sent
      > them, and finally all articles written by that person that include
      > your clients.
      > Also positive is list creation and management, but your lists are only
      > as good as the data itself. You can export to Excel, create
      > nice-looking Word docs and PDF reports too. You can import your
      > private contacts, but they charge a fee.
      > My key problems with Vocus are that they lost their licensing
      > agreement with Bacons a year or two ago, and now updates are managed
      > in-house. I've never been able to get an answer on how often they make
      > updates, and for some reason they can't alert users when new contacts
      > have been added or changes made. Like all of them, they expect you to
      > update their data or tell them when a contact has left a publication.
      > They do not seem to circle back to you to report on who the new person
      > might be, or where the old person has turned up if it's known. Data on
      > some publications are months out of date.
      > But Vocus is primarily a software product, and like any other, you
      > have to know how it works to get the benefit. Once you understand the
      > logic, you'll find it's sufficiently logical. However the support and
      > training is minimal, and they say it's typical for a company to use it
      > for at least a year before they begin to understand its value.
      > I also give it bad marks because it has features you'll never use that
      > are included as standard, and has features you probably require that
      > are considered "optional." Then there are features you probably want
      > that aren't even optional, such as looking up historic coverage of a
      > topic or company a la Lexis-Nexis.
      > I believe we plan on canceling Vocus at the end of the year when our
      > contract is up - I suppose that's the most ringing non-endorsement
      > there is.
      > --- In prbytes@yahoogroups.com, "ggerd" <gary@> wrote:
      > > Bad
      > > new product from a company that doesn't seem too big on support
      > > can't import from XL spreadsheets
      > > can't seem to print individual entries on people
      > > can't export into XL in case you want to take your data with you.
      > > Monthly fee means you stop paying, you lose your data
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