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3555Re: Slightly OT: Hiring Interns for PR firm

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  • kezia_jauron
    Jan 23, 2007
      Sorry for the response to this older topic. Yahoo sent me a message
      that the message had been rejected because the moderator didn't
      approve it within 14 days. Hoping Jim has the chance to OK this one!


      Regarding compensation: we offer $500 for six weeks of work,
      figuring on 10-15 hours per week.

      Although I always said I would comply with whatever requirements
      were necessary to assure college credit or grade or whatever, I
      found the schools to be a bit loosey-goosey about it. I think only
      once did I have to even sign a piece of paper that said someone had
      completed their hours.

      I should also mention that many PR students will prefer the opps at
      the big agencies. They don't always see the little niche firm as a
      feather in their cap when their peers are working at the brand-name

      We had a great intern from USC who just wanted something close to
      her parents' house in the 'burbs. While her classmates were
      answering phones, sending faxes and making coffee at the big L.A.
      agencies, she was writing press releases, calling editors, sitting
      in on all the staff meetings, and interacting with clients. I
      thought we might have been overworking her, but as it turned out,
      she was the envy of her class!

      --- In prbytes@yahoogroups.com, Ned Barnett <ned@...> wrote:
      > This can be a great idea - after all, "Lincoln freed the
      slaves ...
      > but not the interns" - however, you'll want to make sure of one
      > thing: that the interns receive non-monetary compensation to
      > them the value they're working for.
      > I've been on all three sides sides: I've been an exploited intern
      > (the exploitation was so bad that I actually changed my career
      > and went into PR and not into what I'd planned for my career; I've
      > been an employer who hired interns, and who provided them with
      > mentoring and a career-valuable (or academic-value) work
      > and I've been a PR professor placing students in internship
      > opportunities, trying to ensure that they got learning value to
      > compensate for their low/no salary positions. In having been in
      > three roles, I have found the following:
      > a. You should plan to spend enough quality time with the intern
      > explaining what s/he is doing for you so that the student actually
      > b. If possible, work with the intern's major professor to ensure
      > that the student receives credit for the internship (this makes
      you a
      > defacto faculty member - it's an important responsibility) - for
      > students, academic credit is more valuable than cash
      > If you just assume that these are no-skill "mailroom-clerk"
      > wage grunts then you're exploiting them. If, however, you treat
      > as proto-PR people and let them "do" some (low-level) PR stuff,
      > especially if you take the time to show them how their efforts fit
      > into the larger PR initiative, then you're doing a good thing for
      > interns, helping them transition from student to PR professional.
      > That's my take on it.
      > Ned
      > >--- In <mailto:prbytes%40yahoogroups.com>prbytes@yahoogroups.com,
      > >bellashouseofpr@ wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Im ready! I am going to start hiring interns for my company
      > >but have never done it before...Any one on list have any
      > >with this? I am really not sure where to start other than call the
      > >schools and would like an inside perspective on best practices.
      > > >
      > > > Thanks all in advance for your help and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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