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3416Re: OT-Bounced Back Emails

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  • kezia_jauron
    Nov 1, 2006
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      > My emails to the group have bounced back. Has this happened to
      > anyone else?

      Yahoo recently made some changes to Group functions. See if this
      helps, from Yahoo Group help:

      We are no longer supporting direct replies to daily digest message,
      in order to make the digest format more useful for everyone in the
      group by limiting difficult-to-read messages.

      If you receive the new "fully featured" digest, simply click either
      the "Reply (via email)" or "Reply (via web post)" links that follow
      each message within the digest.

      If you receive the traditional, text only version of the daily
      digest, to reply to a specific message, you can:
      - Find the individual message on the group Web site and then click
      the "Reply" button that is part of each message.


      - Click the "reply" button on your email client. Then replace
      the "No Reply" address in the "to" field with the email address of
      your group.* You should also remember to copy the subject of the
      message you're replying into the subject field (or the message will
      not be placed in the correct topic) and to trim all the irrelevant
      quoted text out of your message (as a courtesy to the other members
      of the group to make the digest easier to read).

      * prbytes AT yahoogroups DOT com
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