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32791st Unofficial Indian Public Relations Survey

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  • hobbithobhob
    Jul 3, 2006
      Are there any Indian PR professionals out here? If yes, please read on.
      PR professionals from outside India? Please read on too. You might find
      this intersting. Also, your feedback on this would be greatly valuable.

      Imagine a study on the Indian Public Relations industry in which the
      experienced professionals contribute their insights! This would result
      in a compiled information package that is practical and usable for those
      who are new to the industry, or those who are looking for day-to-day
      workable guidelines in the industry.

      In this effort, the Public Relations India | Open Source PR blog is
      conducting the 1st Unofficial Indian Public Relations Survey. So far,
      the responses have been good. I would like to request everyone here in
      this group to kindly take out two minutes and fill up a simple
      questionnaire of about 10 questions. This would not take much of your
      time, but would probably help someone save a lot in the future. You
      response and participation will be much appreciated.

      To read up the latest post on the survey, please visit this link-


      Please click the link below to go directly to the questionnaire-


      For all those who are wondering what is the Public Relations India |
      Open Source PR blog all about, it is simply a blog started by someone
      like you from the industry to share experiences and thoughts on the PR
      profession with fellow PR professionals. The blog was started in April
      this year on the foundation of open source philosophy, where in
      everybody contribute to improve a system that is opened and free for
      all. You are welcomed to leave your inputs on all the posts. It will
      help take a discussion forward and benefit all.

      Best, HH
      Webmaster, http://indiapr.blogspot.com <http://indiapr.blogspot.com/>
      New Delhi, India
      Email: hobbit.hob@...
      2E> <

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