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3192Re: Press conference -- dead or alive?

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  • kezia_jauron
    Apr 5, 2006
      There's not much information here to go on, such as what type of
      announcement it is, so it's hard for me to answer. In general I think a
      press conference is called for only for really time-sensitive, really
      big news.

      Still, a press conference shouldn't replace one-on-one briefings with
      key journalists. Be aware it will do nothing to build relationships, in
      fact the opposite may even be true. You run the risk of
      communicating 'you aren't important enough for us to give you this
      story personally.'

      It can also backfire if journalists see all their competition in one
      room. They may figure that if everyone else is already covering this
      story, why should I bother?

      If it has to be done this way, in addition to prebriefing your best
      targets, I assume you will want to call people to invite them. If it's
      urgent enough to hold a press conference, then it's urgent enough to
      make phone calls - and send all the who/what/wheres by email afterward
      (as in minutes afterward). With these calls and emails, I would try to
      give as much information up front as possible. They should practically
      have the story written by the time they walk in the door. Still, your
      top reporters should have access to information or sources that you
      don't give everyone so they still believe you like them best.

      And to smooth the feathers of journalists who are still annoyed that
      you made them leave their desks for _this_, have a nice spread of food.
      Hummus and baba ghannouj with pita bread triangles and fancy olives
      works almost any time of day for almost everyone's wacky diet.

      --- In prbytes@yahoogroups.com, "djsmith16" <dmoseley@...> wrote:
      > I'm in a new position and a new city. Although I've worked in PR for
      > number of years, it's been a while since I've done much media work.
      > The agency I'm working with is wanting to schedule a press conference
      > to announce a new inititive. I'm wondering if that is still a viable
      > option for attracting coverage, especially in a mid-size metro
      > Obviously, I know the president does it as do police, etc., but what
      > about other agencies and for something that isn't already on the
      > screen?
      > Anyone had experience with this and how has it worked?
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