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3157Fwd: Re: [prbytes] Limited a limiting name?

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  • Shediac Communications Ltd
    Jan 2, 2006
      Dear Ned, et al:

      The word "Limited" is used throughout Asia, current and past
      Commonwealth countries, the Middle East and in most other countries
      outside of North America (albeit I've noted many Canadians firms
      also use "Limited" or "Ltd" rather than "Inc").

      In some ways, the word opens avenues to creativity. For example, I
      named an associate company of mine (a modeling agency) Models (Un)

      Frank Mark Shediac
      Hong Kong Goodwill Ambassador (1999-2006)
      CEO, Shediac Communications Ltd--Founded in Hong Kong June 1976
      Cell: (852) 6056 6271

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      From: "Ned Barnett" <ned@...>
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      Sent: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 14:03:21 -0800
      Subject: [prbytes] Limited a limiting name?

      Does anybody here share (or disagree) with my thought that
      "Limited" in a company or brand name is somehow "limiting" (in
      connotation, not denotation)?

      I have a proto-client who wants to brand a service "Limited" and
      I'm telling him I think that will play well in the US (he's from
      Canada, where IMO "Limited" is far more common, and with a far
      lower level of "negative" connotation). We can't agree, so I'm
      looking to be validated or set straight.

      Any insights?

      Ned Barnett, APR
      Marketing/PR Fellow, AHA
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