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3097PR people problems - study conclusions

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  • david davis
    Nov 1, 2005
      I thought that the attached might be of interest as a news item for journalists and bloggers who cover the public relations scene.

      Best wishes

      David Davis



      PR people problems – “job fears and management mistrust”

      Fears over job security and mistrust of management promises top the list of problems among PR people, according to the results of a study issued today (October 31)

      The study analysed 1,500 questions answered in the past two years by David Davis, the PR industry’s “agony uncle” who runs www.askdd.com, a free online advisory service.

      65% of the questions came from people in agencies and company in-house departments in North America; 20% from Europe, including the UK, 10% from the Middle East & Africa and 5% from Asia

      The main problems concerned:

      Job security
      Mistrust management promises over pay, training and promo
      Lack of career opportunities
      Agencies inability to handle personnel issues
      Spasmodic and inadequate employee communications
      Unethical agency practices
      Diminishing job satisfaction
      Drugs and drinking at work

      Says Davis, former vice chairman of Edelman: “Obviously the questions I normally receive are largely from unhappy people with many different types of problems but nonetheless the overall conclusions are worrying. It is clear that management is less than transparent and effective as it should be across a whole range of people issues.

      “The analysis also destroys the generally accepted public perception that PR is a soft and easy business. In reality it is like most other professions - tough and demanding.”


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