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2867Job, Los Angeles: Radio Publicity salesperson

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  • Bryan
    Nov 1, 2004
      Inside-salesperson needed to sell radio interview (PR) campaigns to
      authors, experts, and speakers. These people hire us to get them
      radio interviews so they can sell their products or services to
      listeners. The salesperson contacts these people (using leads and
      sources we provide), offers our free info to them, obtains their
      press kit or general information, and over the next few weeks, steps
      them through the different campaigns that are available. This is a
      full-commission sales position (no base salary), with average
      commissions of $1000 per sale. Part-time (20 hours/wk) earnings are
      $40k; Full-time earnings are up to $100k. Mostly outbound phone
      calls and emails. Morning or afternoon shift available. Must work
      from our Santa Monica office. Must currently live in Los Angeles (no
      relocations). Site: www.radio-media.com To apply, call 818-905-
      8038 x55 and leave a message.