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2630X-Post: I need help with a presentation on the future of our profession

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  • Richard B Barger ABC APR
    May 5, 2004

      I'm looking for ideas for an upcoming presentation my partner and I are
      giving on the past and future of our profession. I thought this group
      might offer some unique thoughts and perspectives.

      "The Communication Crystal Ball" will contain a bit of history and
      predictions. We'll discuss the changing technologies, tools, trends,
      and tactics that have affected us for over the past three decades, and,
      in particular, emerging influences for both independent and corporate PR

      I'm hoping to go well beyond the obvious, the mundane, with leaps to the
      possible -- even if it is improbable.

      Any out-of-the-box thoughts, ideas, suggestions?


      Rich Barger, ABC, APR
      Chief Curmudgeon
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