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2175Re: [prbytes] NEWS: Baseball Strikes Out at Fans Operating Websites for the Teams They Love

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  • Ned Barnett
    Sep 2, 2002
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      At 10:25 AM 9/2/02 -0400, you wrote:


      Having just narrowly averted a melt-down strike that might have wiped out
      the game for all time (or at least, one may have so hoped), Major League
      Baseball is now shooting itself in the foot, PR-wise. Will some fans. as
      you suggested, finally decide that baseball is more business than sport? I
      mean, now many shoppers have fan sites for WalMart, or Boeing, or Microsoft?

      This has to be the dumbest, most ill-timed PR move I've seen in ... well, I
      can't remember.

      In my opinion, if baseball is successful in removing fan websites from the
      internet landscape, there will be chilling effects on the Internet. I
      don't think they'll succeed (not unless these four sites are acting in a
      criminal fashion). But it makes a great case for using off-shore ISPs in
      the Caymans, doesn't it?

      And this whole brouhaha shows how ditch-dumb the owners of Major League
      Baseball have become - when it comes to PR, they not only don't have a
      clue, they're not sure where to buy or rent one ...

      Thanks for raising this issue.


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