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  • Jim Rink
    Jan 8, 2001
      From PRNetwork:

      While many "brick and mortar" PR agencies have been quick to embrace the
      Internet as a growing practice area, others exist totally online -- the
      virtual agencies. Utah-based Johnson & Company is one of the pioneers, in
      its fourth year of PR practice in cyberspace. Johnson & Co. has created a
      "virtual Magna Carta" to serve as a professional guide for virtual PR

      Professional Topics

      Jennifer J. Johnson, principal and senior strategist, says the virtual
      work model provides advantages for companies, clients and workers alike.
      Workers get flexibility, and control over their professional lives,
      leaving room for other life priorities. Companies save on overhead costs
      and see increased productivity and worker satisfaction, resulting in lower
      turnover. Clients benefit from a stable, responsive account team,
      unaffected by burnout and completely focused on results.

      "Fast companies of the future will have to recognize the trend towards a
      virtual work environment or be left by the wayside," says Johnson. "This
      is progress in a very positive direction."

      Here are Johnson & Co.'s guidelines for professionalism in the virtual

      1. Know the three keys. Success in the virtual workplace hinges
      effectively managing the three key areas of technology, process and

      2. Know what you're getting into. The virtual workplace really isn't for
      everybody. It requires self-motivation, self-discipline and a willingness
      to share knowledge and collaborate with others.

      3. Over-communicate. Make sure co-workers are clear on your boundaries
      such as office hours, type of work you can do, when you are available
      distraction-free and when to expect "home noises" in the background.

      4. Drop your solo project and join a band. If you freelance, get to know
      fellow freelancers and view them as potential allies, not competitors.
      Don't forget the importance of mentors. Develop relationships with your
      managers and colleagues in the virtual world and learn from their

      5. Yes, there is life in virtual space. You gave up the office, not the
      people--relationships are important! Recognize the need for and cultivate
      a virtual culture.

      6. Technology is your friend. Research the best products for your needs
      and use the tools at hand!

      7. Technology is not your only friend. Meet your co-workers face-to-face.
      Schedule professional retreats to build a live connection as the
      foundation for enduring work relationships.

      8. In dealing with co-workers and clients in "bricks-and-mortar" offices,
      you risk becoming the odd man out-a disembodied voice on the conference
      call. Draw attention to the person behind the speakerphone by stepping up
      your efforts to be a team player. Over-communicate through multiple
      vehicles (such as an email followed by a phone call).

      9. Virtual professionalism is not an oxymoron. Be confident in your skills
      and know they are just as valuable as those of your non-virtual

      10. Remember why you joined the virtual workforce in the first place.
      "My-size" your workload to take a more appropriate role among your most
      important assets-family, friends, hobbies, etc.

      Johnson & Company's Web site can be found at http://www.joandco.com The
      complete version of their "virtual Magna Carta" is at

      Submissions to Professional Topics are welcome. Please send your
      submissions to: bschaible@... Please include a brief bio
      statement with your e-mail.

      News of the Week:

      ENCINO, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- With an eye towards increasing the
      company's public and media awareness efforts, goZing, the leader in
      wireless, permission-based direct marketing, has named Lee Morrell as
      Director of Public Relations.

      BURKE, Va., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- D. Larkin & Associates, LLC, a full-
      service public relations firm specializing in corporate communications and
      public policy for technology companies, today announced the addition of
      PermitsNOW, Inc. and PromiseMark, Inc. to its client list.

      SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2001--High-tech public
      relations firm The Hoffman Agency (http://www.hoffman.com) today announced
      the opening of a European office in the United Kingdom. The Silicon
      Valley-based company now has ten offices worldwide, covering almost 90
      percent of the global technology market.

      NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2001--Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
      has announced the acquisition of Deen+Black, the ''California'' firm with
      2000 billings in excess of $4.5 million. The deal, announced today,
      immediately makes Ogilvy PR's Public Affairs Practice a leading player in
      California, and couples Deen+Black's capabilities with the industry's
      fastest growing major PR firm.

      NEW YORK, Jan. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Will this be the year you start a PR
      career? Public relations is one of America's most dynamic, intellectually
      stimulating and satisfying professions, and the industry has been growing
      at a record pace (revenue rose 30% in 1999), according to the Council of
      Public Relations Firms, the trade association representing more than 120
      firms in the industry.

      KANSAS CITY, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 2, 2001--IPREX, an international
      corporation of 55 leading independent public relations firms, reports that
      it had a record number of partners joining the organization during the
      past year. In 2000, IPREX welcomed seven partners from Canada, Colombia,
      Japan, and the United States. Currently, IPREX has 55 partners in 17
      countries and 65 cities with a combined staff of 935 and a combined
      billing of approximately $95 million, and is one of the top 10 largest
      public relations corporations in the world.

      VANCOUVER, Jan. 2 /PRNewswire/ - MindfulEye, Inc. today announces the
      launch of Surveillance Version 1.2. Surveillance 1.2 is the newest release
      of a MindfulEye product designed to alert investor relations and public
      relations professionals to online events that could affect their company's
      interests. MindfulEye is the developer of Lexant, an Artificial
      Intelligence system that can read and understand material as it appears on
      the Internet.

      SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Recalled tires, ''a badly informed
      physiologist,'' messin' with Ben and Jerry, and a TV marriage gone awry
      topped this year's list of PR blunders, compiled by Fineman Associates
      Public Relations (FAPR). The list is a collection of some of the year's
      worst public relations gaffes.

      Full text of these and many other articles can be found at
      http://www.thePRnetwork.com Brief summaries of articles are archived in a
      searchable database. The articles are drawn from The PR Network's daily
      news briefs. Access to the database is free.


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      The PR Network


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