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161RE: RE: 4-jaw Chuck Advice

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  • jbonfoey
    Nov 15, 2013

      This is what I did......

      I did buy the arbor from Little Machine Shop and the Taig 1030 Chuck (and a face plate) from Nick Carter tools. Mounted them up today, and I'm pretty happy with how they came out.

      I had about .003 run out on the face of both the chuck and face plate. I faced off the arbor a bit right where the nut touches the back of the chuck/face plate and the run out came down to less than .001 (on my cheap "Horrible Fright" dial indicator). Nick Carter recommended facing off the arbor, which did the trick.

      So, for little over $100 (US) I think I have a very usable 4-jaw and nice little face plate. I'm pretty happy with the quality of the Taig stuff I bought from Nick, and he was great to deal with.

      Of course run a draw bar in the arbor or you'll be eating the chuck.

      I've posted some information and links below and some pictures in the folder "Jack's SD-300".

      Thanks Bob for you reply to this question, that's what sent me down the Taig path. If the exchange rate were a bit more favorable I'd have likely went that route.


      Arbor from Little Machine Shop:
      http://lmscnc.com/2663 $35
      - Arbor, Sherline/Taig Tooling 2MT

      I always get good advice from Chris there at LMS, and he suspected it would work fine.

      Nick Carter at Carter Tools:

      Nick Carter's catalog link:

      - 3-1/4", 4-jaw independent chuck that mounts with 3/4"-16 thread (Taig # 1030) $68
      - Face plate 3 1/4" dia. 3/4-16 thd mount (Taig # 1035) $16

      Nick gives a bit of a discount off manufactures price, and I got it quickly. Seems like
      very nice guy to deal with. There are several nice small lathe tools in Nick's catalog
      link that fit onto the 3/4-16 threaded arbor.

      ---In prazi-machining@yahoogroups.com, <bobbl@...> wrote:

      I am fortunate that Essel is in the same country as me so only £7 postage. For me the expense of buying what was in effect a straight swap solution was well worth the peace of mind of not ending up with an expensive ornament if I had messed up the machining (amateurish lack of confidence!).

      ---In prazi-machining@yahoogroups.com, <jbonfoey@...> wrote:

       Regarding my message just sent, I guess one downside is I couldn't push anything into/thru the spindle like I can now on the 3-jaw.  So many things for a newbie/cheap guy to learn.

      Still appreciate any thoughts.

      ---In prazi-machining@yahoogroups.com, <prazi-machining@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Bob - Thanks for posting the pictures and you comments about the chuck. I traded emails with Stephen at Essel Engineering and got an estimate of ~$209 US dollars (131 UK pounds with shipping....hope I did the exchange rate correctly). I'm pretty much "cheap", so I was hoping to not get that much more invested in my SD-300.

      I've done a bit more checking and am now thinking I might be able to use the Little Machine Shop "Arbor, Sherline/Taig Tooling 2MT" (item #2663) to just mount the Taig 1030 chuck directly. The link to the arbor is: http://lmscnc.com/2663 . It would seem to me that if I mount the arbor in the SD-300 spindle the chuck should just screw right on and be at least as stable as the Taig lather. Taig also makes some quite affordable other accessories that thread onto this arbor, i.e. slitting saw, collet set. It appears I could get this done for around $100 (US) plus shipping.

      Anybody have thoughts they might share on this?



      ---In prazi-machining@yahoogroups.com, <bobbl@...> wrote:

      The 4-Jaw indy chuck arrived from Essel Engineering on Saturday .... and very nice it is too! Good quick service from Stephen.


      I've put 3 photos in Bobbl's album.


      The register area was a close fit, but the 3 nuts drew it in square with only a slight effort. I clocked the outside diameter area of the chuck and was very happy when it read half a thou total swing! Hard to read on my old cheapy Draper DI.



      So it's a straight swap now for the original 3 jaw and new 4 Jaw chucks.


      Only other comment I have to make is that the chuck key supplied with the chuck is one heck of a tight fit in all 4 hex holes ........ nothing to do with Essel, just as supplied with the chuck from Peatol/Taig!


      If anyone wants any dimensions, let me know.

      ---In prazi-machining@yahoogroups.com, <bobbl@...> wrote:

      Will follow up shortly after it arrives, Jack.
      Cheers, Bob.
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