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2010 Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition Annual General Meeting

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  • David Elfstrom
    2010 Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition Annual General Meeting This year s AGM date has been set for *Sunday, March 28*. We are really hoping that you will
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      2010 Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition

      Annual General Meeting

      This year's AGM date has been set for *Sunday, March 28*. We are really
      hoping that you will be able to come out, renew your membership, and
      have a voice in the direction of the OSBBC. The AGM will be hosted this
      year at the new Camp Kawartha Environment Centre just north of
      Peterborough, built by last year's Sir Sandford Fleming Sustainable
      Construction & Design students. It is a beautiful building, featuring
      various wall systems, including panel bale walls, hempcrete, and a
      bottle wall. The earthen floor with the mosaic in the middle really adds
      a beautiful touch to the interior. Location: 2505 Pioneer Road,
      Peterborough, Ontario. Directions:
      http://www.campkawartha.ca/about/directions.htm ** Latitude: 44.352528
      Longitude: -78.287802

      You need not be a member to attend, but if you do come to hear the talks
      we ask that you join the OSBBC.

      *Important note about food at the centre:* Please bring your own lunch
      (and hopefully your own mug) to the AGM. Due to the fact that this is a
      public building with school groups coming through, there is a /strict
      nut-free policy with food./ Please respect this important rule, and
      bring a nut-free lunch. Snacks, juices, tea & coffee will be provided.

      *Schedule - AGM Sunday March 28th, 2010, 8:30am-4:00 pm*

      *8:30-9:00 *Registration, Coffee, Tea, Muffins, Chat

      *9:00-9:45 *Builders' Round Table

      *9:45-10:30 *Presentation by Stephen Collette: Current sustainable,
      healthy products and systems

      *10:40-11:10 *Building from the owner/builder perspective: Ian & Ainslie
      Thomson from Galetta share their building experience, as do Linda Taylor
      and Mark Richardson, of Pakenham

      *11:15-12:15* Slide show (See note below regarding submitting slides for
      the show)

      *12:15 -- 1:00 Bring your own lunch (nut-free, remember!)*

      *1:00 -- 3:00- AGM*

      *4:00 *Close doors, bid adieu, and hope for many more exciting builds
      for 2010!

      Slide show

      This year, we would like to celebrate the fabulous variety of straw bale
      homes that have been built here in Ontario. One way to celebrate this
      diversity is through a slide show, of photos of these wonderful homes.
      Some of the simplest, and some of the most exotic structures, have been
      built in our province. It would be incredible to have a complete
      showing of most of the homes in Ontario.

      Frank Tettemer is collecting photos of straw bale homes, to be presented
      in this slide show. If you have one to half-dozen photos of a home that
      you live in, or that you've built, or designed, or simply helped work
      on, please consider sending them to Frank to be included in the show.
      You may wish to say a brief comment on your slides, or you may wish to
      remain anonymous, and simply sit and enjoy the photos that will be
      presented. They will be compiled, and shown, to all our members and
      guests attending, showing time between 10:30AM and lunch time. Here's a
      chance to see all those homes that you've heard so much about.

      Photos can be emailed to Frank, at this email address:
      frank@..., or paper copies & CD-Roms can be mailed to Frank
      before March 15 (He will return paper prints to you at the AGM).

      Frank Tettemer, 480 Doyle Mountain Road, RR#4, Killaloe, ON K0J 2A0

      *Other* *News*:

      */Coming soon/**: **/Online membership registration & renewals/*

      As a volunteer organization, one of the most time-consuming and
      error-prone tasks is managing membership renewals and keeping contact
      information up to date. Wild Apricot is a Toronto-based complete
      membership management software service that allows members to join and
      pay online with automatic renewal notices, access member-only
      information and more. This will be in place prior to the AGM, but don't
      wait for it if you want to renew today! Mail-in memberships will always
      be accepted.

      */Website changes, gallery update/*/ /The long-awaited building
      registry/gallery is almost finished. A team of our board members, under
      the direction of our webmaster, have been working on reformatting our
      gallery pages so that owners can update house profiles and provide
      location and directions for visitors on the annual house tour, also
      ready for the AGM.

      Keep your eyes peeled on our website at www.osbbc.ca
      <http://www.osbbc.ca/2010/03/> for the new updates as they become
      released. The website looks fabulous, and we apologize for any
      disruptions while the work has been ongoing.

      We really hope to see you at this year's AGM, where we will talk about
      the direction of the OSBBC, have committee reports on work such as
      apprenticeship programs in straw bale building. You can have a voice in
      what happens, and even a vote if you have been a member for a year.

      Please remember to bring along a mug if possible, and to keep your lunch
      nut-free. If you would care to bring along an instrument, there may be
      opportunities to create some straw bale jam.

      Looking forward to seeing you very soon!


      OSBBC Directors

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