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2920The National Straw Bale Building Code has been adopted into the IRC.

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  • Chris Green
    Oct 30, 2013
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      The 2015 version of the International Residential Code, IRC, will include a straw bale building appendix. Final approval was on October 3d, 2013, and this will come into effect when the 2015 code is published/ comes into effect.


      The 14 page appendix can be downloaded as a pdf file here:


      It will be worth it to print these pages out and study them line by line.

      You will have to check with your local inspection department to see if the IRC is in force in your location. If not, and if they don't have their own SB codes, you can push for them to just adopt this one. :-)

      Thanks to all who worked hard to achieve this, and thanks to Andrew Morison at strawbale.com for posting the news and the pdf file.

      A later iteration of the appendix will include illustrations, according to the announcement.


      Chris Green.