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2917Professional Green Roof Design Guide (and Biochar)

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  • Chris Green
    Aug 23, 2013
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      I've added this book to my Must-Buy Soon list: It looks pretty good.


      This book is now used in university courses about building green roofs.

      also occurred to meĀ  that it would be a good experiment to test 2
      living roofs, or to divide one into two parts: one would have the normal
      soil mix, the other one would have clean biochar added into the soil.

      recent agricultural experiments, biochar (charcoal) can lead to
      increases in production. It also helps the soil retain water longer,
      since the biochar is quite porous. Furthermore, it is quite light, and
      so can be used to reduce the weight of a living roof, or be a substitute
      for other expanded minerals used for this purpose.
      The charcoal, with it's increased surface area, could help clean the water that falls on the living roof.

      So why
      not try it out up there?


      Chris Green

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