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2916SB now in the 2015 Building Code

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  • Chris Green
    Apr 29, 2013
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      Straw Bale and Light Straw Clay will be included in the 2015 Building Code, according to this Facebook post tonight on on the CASBA Facebook page:

      "David Eisenberg shares fantastic news: "Just a quick News Flash! (Martin
      Hammer will no doubt follow with more details) but.... our straw bale
      appendix for the 2015 IRC was just approved by the committee in Dallas
      at the ICC code development hearings by a vote of 8 to 1! Kudos to so
      many - Martin, Mark Aschheim, Laura Bartels, who were also here in
      Dallas, and Kevin Donahue, Bruce King, and an amazing cast of characters who I won't try to name now... And the light straw clay appendix was
      also approved 6-3! Waaahoooo!!!" "


      More info to follow. :-)


      Chris Green.

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