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2897Re: Masonry Heater with oven and Cook Stove Workshop Oct. 26-31 or Oct 28-31, 2012

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  • simonefionamaurice
    Nov 3, 2012
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      I'm hoping that some of you took advantage of this wonderful offer offer from Marge Padgitt and the Masonry Heaters Association. I took a similar 5 day course a few years back with Certified Heater Mason, Eric Moshier. Erik can be located at 5347 Howard Gnesen Road, Duluth, MN 55803, his website is: www.solidrockmasonry.com, E-mail: eric@..., Tel.: 218.343.2978 Fax 218-721-5244. The course took place along the north shore of Lake Superior at North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN. It was very informative and completely hands on. A wonderful experience and I'd recommend it to anyone. This course sounds even better as it's following the new Heater Mason Development Program and counts towards certification as as certified Heater Mason through the Masonry Heaters Association. The most exciting part of course is in getting "Hands-ON Experience" in building what is arguably the most popular and sought after masonry heater ~ the contra-flow masonry heater with a bake oven and heated bench. The three instructors at this course all have extensive experience and people like Gene Padgitt are legendary in the industry for his experience, knowledge and high quality of workmanship and client satisfaction.If anyone takes this course please let me know what you thought of it, the classroom portion, binder of reference material, hands-on experience how it went for you and whether you'll attend any further training with the MHA. If some of you are from eastern Ontario / Quebec areas you may wish to contact Norbert Senf, CHM and he can be found in Shawville, Quebec, J0X 2Y0. Here's his info.: tel.:819 647 5092 fax 647 6082, email: mheat@..., website: www.heatkit.com. Not only is Norbert a CHM but he's a Interprovincially certified brick and stone mason (Canada) Certified heater mason (MHA) Member of ASTM (masonry heater task group), CSA (B-415 committee), HPBAC (masonry heater caucus, masonry products caucus). Manufacturer of Heatkit contraflow heater core. Consultant on custom heaters, masonry fireplaces, commercial wood fired ovens, building science issues relating to masonry heaters and masonry fireplaces. As you can tell, I'm very excited about Masonry Heaters and will be building one in our planned timber frame strawbale home.

      Cheers, Maurice
      Kaministiquia, ON

      --- In practical-sbc@yahoogroups.com, "Marge Padgitt" <ympadgitt@...> wrote:
      > For Homeowners and Masons
      > Masonry Heaters are clean-burning heating appliances that use the
      > renewable resource of wood for fuel. They are site built, with a core
      > that is hand-built or pre-cast. Masonry heaters use no electricity,
      > gas, fans, or duct work, and work by storing heat in a thermal mass,
      > then emitting radiant heat to the living space. Find out why Masonry
      > Heaters are the best heating option today! Masons, skilled homeowners,
      > and contractors interested in learning new skills will want to attend
      > this intensive training session.
      > The Heater Mason Development Program (HMED) has proven to be an
      > excellent tool to learn more about masonry heaters. The curriculum is
      > designed as an introductory course for masons or homeownwers who want to
      > know more about the heating appliance. This course may be used as a
      > "professional credential" good towards the Certified Heater
      > Mason program.
      > The workshop is being held October 26 – 31, 2012 in Sullivan
      > Missouri, near St. Louis. Workshop participants will learn how masonry
      > heaters work, and participate in the the basics of heater building,
      > hands-on heater core building, and hands-on oven core installation. A
      > heated bench and wood-burning cook stove are also part of the program.
      > This workshop is an approved HMED program for those wishing to become
      > Certified Heater Masons.
      > The class schedule is as follows:
      > October 26-27: Intensive classroom training with HMED approved credit
      > towards Certification (Certified Heater Mason). Heater builders who wish
      > to be Certified Heater Masons can apply credits for this course. Other
      > builders and homeowners are encouraged to attend in order to learn the
      > basics of Masonry Heaters which is extremely important!
      > October 28-29: Hands-on workshop- build a contra-flow masonry heater
      > with bake oven and heated bench!
      > October 30 -31: Hands-on workshop bonus- Build a wood-fired cook-stove!
      > Those wishing to stay longer to assist with the exterior finishing work
      > are welcome.
      > The project instructors are Jerry Frisch, owner of Lopez Quarries in
      > Everett, Washington, Gary Hart,owner of Aaron's Ltd. Alternative Energy
      > in High Ridge, Missouri, and Gene Padgitt, Vice President of
      > HearthMasters, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri. All three men are
      > Certified Heater Masons. Jerry Frisch is a master heater builder.
      > Cost for the four-day HMED workshop is $795 for MHA Members and $900 for
      > non-members, plus bonus two-day cook stove workshop. ALL 6 days!
      > Or
      > $400 for non-HMED participants: attend any or all days from Oct 28 –
      > 31- FOUR days!
      > Visit www.mha-net.org or call Richard Smith, Executive Director, at
      > 520-883-0191 for more information or to register for the workshops.
      > E-mail mha.association@...
      > Website: http://www.firecrest-fireplaces.com/
      > Marge Padgitt, CCS, NFI, M.A.
      > President, HearthMasters, Inc.
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