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2893Re: [practical-sbc] rammed earth/straw bale dog house

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  • Chris Green
    Sep 22, 2012
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      Maybe an earthbag foundation would be suitable for the base/ foundation. In case you aren't familiar with that type of rammed earth construction, here's the wiki about it:


      If tracking down these kind of bags- they're the reinforced plastic ones used for sandbags, etc,- is a problem, or you can't round up enough 'rice bags',  you could get a 120' roll of FastTube material from most local building suppliers, cut the tube to a manageable length,  and sew one end closed, then fill it.
      A roll cost about $150 a few years back.

      I mention that option because it's cheaper than buying the roll of the tube material from CalEarth: ($275)

      If you do go for the rammed earth base, put plastic on top of it to prevent moisture from migrating/ wicking up into the bales.
      You could reduce the amount of water hitting the foundation by covering the outside with some lumber wrap tarp, which is salvageable from building supply stores (they throw most of it away...).

      UV light will break the plastic down, so any exposed parts have to be covered by something. In this case, perhaps some salvaged carpet, some more earth, and stone work (or salvaged bricks). Another option could be a layer of earth, jute fabric, a few more inches of  earth, then plants for a living wall type cover.


      Chris Green.

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      Hi there,
      I'm new to the site and exploring the idea of a dog house made with rammed earth/straw bales.  We live in Toronto, Canada with it's share of cold winters and hot humid summers.  I would like to build the dog house into ravine and was wondering if I could use rammed earth for that part and straw bale construction for the other walls?  What kind of waterproofing would be suggested?  Any other challenges with construction? Ideas? 
      Thank you kindly in advance!


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