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2891Rammed Straw

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  • Chris Green
    Sep 17, 2012
      Rammed Straw:
      "Rammed straw is something magical. Similar to the rammed
      earth technique, here the difference is that straw is bathed in a muddy
      water and then rammed in between the wood frame. The result after
      removing the boards is a ridged straw wall. Once it has been plastered
      the wall stays rock solid and thermal. If there are loads of hay around
      the worksite this is a great option."

      Quote from the TIBA home page, at the bottom:

      More correctly, the straw should be coated with a clay slip, not muddy water, then rammed between the forms.

      The TIBA site is for the Bio-Architecture and Intuitive Technologies School, in Brazil. Founded in 1987 by Rose and Johan van Lengen.

      Johan van Lengen is the author of a book titled The Barefoot Architect. TIBA offers natural building courses in Brazil, and training elsewhere.


      Chris Green.

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