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Re: Bale Cost

Hello Marshall, I haven’t any knowledge of pricing local to you. For reference however, we routinely pay between $2.50 and $5.00 for a two-string bale in
Jul 17, 2014

Bale Cost

How much is too much to pay for straw bales. Here in Central New Mexico the best I can find is $8 a bale for non construction grade. Thanks, Marshall
Jul 16, 2014

Bad Heart Strawbale Church/ Hall

Google Books has an article published in April 1960 about the construction of the Bad Heart Church* near Sexsmith, Alberta (built in the early '50s, and now
Chris Green
Feb 25, 2014

More SB news from the UK

I spotted this today: the first quarterly results for energy usage in an SB housing project over there are now in. The headline says a 90% reduction, but it
Chris Green
Dec 16, 2013

Straw Bale in The Economist.

Here's a blog post about straw bale construction published on The Economist's website this week:
Chris Green
Dec 1, 2013

The National Straw Bale Building Code has been adopted into the IRC.

The 2015 version of the International Residential Code, IRC, will include a straw bale building appendix. Final approval was on October 3d, 2013, and this will
Chris Green
Oct 30, 2013

Ontario Natural Homes Self-Guided Tour 2013

*Ontario Natural Homes Self-Guided Tour 2013* Deeply experience up close and personal, thesensual lookand feeling of uniqueand natural homes this coming
Frank Tettemer
Sep 29, 2013

Re: Professional Green Roof Design Guide (and Biochar) (Follow up)

A bit of follow-up on the idea of using biochar as an amendment for soil used on a living roof: Some hits from a google search for 'biochar, green roof' A
Chris Green
Aug 23, 2013

Professional Green Roof Design Guide (and Biochar)

I've added this book to my Must-Buy Soon list: It looks pretty good. http://www.amazon.com/Professional-Design-Guide-Green-Roofs/dp/1604693126 This book is now
Chris Green
Aug 23, 2013

SB now in the 2015 Building Code

Straw Bale and Light Straw Clay will be included in the 2015 Building Code, according to this Facebook post tonight on on the CASBA Facebook page: "David
Chris Green
Apr 29, 2013

Re: SB-related Job Opening(s)

Thanks, Ben. I'll pass along the information. Cheers, Chris Green. ________________________________ From: "ben@..." To:
Chris Green
Mar 17, 2013

Re: SB-related Job Opening(s)

Hi all, Speaking of job postings, we have several of our own should any Ontario viewers (or colleagues of) have interest. Please feel free to circulate
Mar 13, 2013

SB-related Job Opening(s)

I spotted this on Facebook, posted there by Simple Construct: straw bale & clay plaster and thought I should pass it on in case anyone is interested: Solarwise
Chris Green
Mar 11, 2013

OSBBC Natural Building Conference

The OSBBC is teaming up with builders and members of the NBNE (Natural Builders Northeast) to present our 2nd Annual Natural Building Conference, on March 16th
Feb 25, 2013

Straw Bale in Italy...

I had the pleasure of learning about these Straw Bale specialists in Italy tonight. Filo di Paglia ('Wire Straw'). http://www.filodipaglia.com/ "Wire Straw is
Chris Green
Feb 25, 2013
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