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3694JB Concert

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  • rbarchyn
    Aug 28, 2014

      Here is my current list of members that have going to the JB Concert October 23rd.

      Rob and Kathy  2

      Hilary  2

      Roy & Kate  2

      Rebecca   2

      Mike and Bev  2

      Tonya & Jesus  2

      Kathleen   1

      Bruce Lane  2

      Dori  1

      Mari Sterns  1

      Laura J  1

      Renee & Michael  2

      Becci  1

      Fran  1?

      Total 22 tickets

      The tickets including postage will be $145.  Please send your checks to PPOCD,

      POB 254992, Sacramento, CA 95865. Now is a good time to send your money in.  I will have notice of tickets availability shortly.  Once we have collected everyone's money we will send a check for the payment for the ticket.  They will be sent to the club for distribution.  If you are late sending your money

      in that will hold up the ticketing process for everybody.

      I am still working on the bus.  I should have more info to you early next week.  The main challenge is

      finding a bus the right size with a bathroom at a reasonable cost.  Parking for the bus is also a major challenge.  If you have any questions please call me direct at 916-747-6060.  I will have more info ASAP.

      See you soon.


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