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Re: Rif: [ppgbiglist] Re: Paratoys and Black Devil engine

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  • Alex Varv
    Dear Dave, The Black Devil cylinder head was DESIGNED to do exactly what you suggest. However, oxygenated fuel (gasoline with 10% ethanol) causes a hotter
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      Dear Dave,

      The Black Devil cylinder head was DESIGNED to do exactly what you suggest. However, oxygenated fuel (gasoline with 10% ethanol) causes a hotter combustion. This fuel is used in the US and elsewhere.
      This is why JPX Italia introduced the cooling shroud.
      This shroud proved very efficient and lowers the temperature substantially.
      If no ethanol containing gas is burned, the shroud is not that important.

      Best regards,

      Alex Varv / Aero Cors-Air USA LLC

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      From: sheriff
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      I was just wondering what temperatures (EGT or CHT) are you seeing on your engine that tells you that your BD is running too hot? I would think that in most cases the air circulation created by the prop would be comparable to a scooter fan. The scooters that I see on the road seem to be big on plastic hiding the engine so I would wonder why an open engine in the breeze picking up some circulation from the prop might be at least comparable. Is your engine seeing inreasonably high temperatures maybe some fuel jetting changes are all that is needed?


      From: c_bultmann <cbultman@telus..net>
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      Subject: Rif: [ppgbiglist] Re: Paratoys and Black Devil engine

      I bought the Paratoys engine for what it was, it was never past off to me as anything else.
      Price and availability was my criteria to do so.
      But I like to stay a bit longer on the scooter topic as I pointed out earlier the original engine design has a cooling fan and a shroud to cool the engine properly.
      Piaggio and the likes aren't putting those on just as a fashion statement they have a purpose on there scooter how come JPX removed it.
      The BD with proper cooling could have been indeed one of the most reliable engines on the market a trough "consumer-product" that pilots could enjoy without much maintenance as the very same engine is holding up well in the scooter world.

      --- In ppgbiglist@yahoogro ups.com, "Oscar Meschiari" <jpxitalia@. ..> wrote:
      > Dear Christian,
      > From you first post I was sure you were not talking about one of our engines
      > ( the one your pulley broke down) because all our Dealers have always spare
      > parts in stock available for their customers.
      > And in case they would not have the spare parts with Fedex spare parts
      > arrived worldwide in 3-4 days from the order. So I understood you were not
      > talking about a Black Devil from this very first statement.
      > When you decided to change engine six months ago, logically you could not
      > have a Black Devil because Paratoys had only the Chinese Copy.
      > At least 2 pilots asked you to say what kind of engine you were complaining
      > of, without giving this news you left the doubt you were talking about a
      > Black Devil.
      > The picture "broke of big pulley" you posted ( http://groups. yahoo
      > com/group/ppgbiglis t/photos/ album/1071329539 /pic/list ) it is truly from an
      > Italian engine manufacturer but it is not JPX's pulley but one of our
      > competitors. I will not say the name of the Company because it is not
      > correct ( this time).
      > In case you have some doubts about the above I can send you a picture of
      > this engine. I will not stay longer on the issue about scooter engine and
      > PPG engine because this post will end up too long I just want to tell you
      > that in Italy with 2.000 / 2.500 USD. you can buy only a 50 cc Chinese
      > Scooter. If you think that manufacturing engines for the PPG is so easy,
      > simple and with such an high margin profit why do you not also start
      > making your engines?

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