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Kyle William

Friends. Just a quick plug but the band I used to be in (Kyle William) is now back together again and if you're on Facebook I wonder if you'd mind taking a
May 14, 2011

Sunday's "Giving" Talk

Hello! I was particularly depressed on Sunday as (as a small part of John's talk on Pleasing God which this week was about giving) he said that when we don't
Robin Tetley
Nov 7, 2010

Exactly What Is “Gay Marriage?”

A friend of mine sent me this blog and I'd love to know your thoughts. Robin.x ... http://johncokeefe.com/?p=544 I am always amazed at people who are so vocal
Robin Tetley
Oct 22, 2010

Wollaton Park Photos

Hey all. I finally uploaded my Wollaton Park photos to the group. You may have received an automatic email saying so and if you did I apologise for this...if
Aug 6, 2010

McLaren On The Bible

Greetings friends. I just came across this quote and had to "share" it with you. "Interestingly, when Scripture talks about itself, it doesn't use the language
Robin Tetley
Aug 4, 2010

Re: Capitalism

Let me know what you think. We certainly should watch it with small group. Maybe as a social type event during the Summer break at our house? R.x
Robin Tetley
May 24, 2010

Re: Capitalism

Hey Sky+ it and am going to watch when i get the chance...... jono To: powie@yahoogroups.com From: robintetley@... Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 00:13:35
Esther Howie
May 24, 2010


Bonjour. Note to self must invite all the new small group members to join this egroup! Michael Moore's recent film, Capitalism: A Love Story seems to be on Ch
Robin Tetley
May 20, 2010

Re: British Election

totally agree. i'm just happy that Labour weren't blown out of the water - most of their MP's were quite relieved to still be in the game and a spell in
Esther Howie
May 12, 2010

British Election

Would love to know what anybody thinks. http://robintetley.blogspot.com/ Robin.
Robin Tetley
May 11, 2010

Furniture Help - Quite Important

Hi everyone. Just a quickie my friend Jhaeh (who used to go out with Alisun who we prayed for last night) is also in a pretty bad state both financially and
Robin Tetley
Sep 18, 2009

The Redemptive Power Of U2

Certainly worth a read but then I am biased. http://robintetley.blogspot.com/ Feedback however bizarre and critical most welcome. R.x
Robin Tetley
Aug 21, 2009

Deja Vu

It seems Eminem sings songs about me these days. And in a shallow attempt to get you all to actually buy the new album...well...I have to try. *"Sometimes I
Robin Tetley
Aug 16, 2009

If There Are Three Emails From Me Ignore The Other Two...

http://robintetley.blogspot.com/ It's all there on the floor. R.x
Robin Tetley
Jul 30, 2009


Probably shouldn't have sent that last message it was clearly sent in frustration and anger so I apologise for that. Still small group issues can't all be down
Robin Tetley
Jul 30, 2009
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